How to Ensure Max Performance of Your Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi


When you purchase a Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi, you will feel liberated and free. This truck is designed to be a powerhouse on wheels. It is built from the inside out with extra features, has excellent mileage, and its body shape was designed to fight against wind resistance. The Ram 1500 Hemi is a lorry that will take you anywhere.

And when it comes to the care and maintenance of your Dodge Ram, nothing is good enough for your almighty truck. Large, robust, reliable, and built to withstand whatever you throw at it, the Ram 1500 is a truck that can’t be beaten. But if you’re looking to increase your Dodge’s performance and push it to the max, then read the article below. This article will inform you of the various ways to improve your Ram 1500 Hemi.

Ways to improve the Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi’s performance

1. Replace the brakes


If you are planning to do a lot of heavy hauling, then you will need to install a better braking system. You need brakes that will slow the lorry down in time when you’re on the freeway with a massive bed. The truck’s current brakes do work and will slow you down, but not fast enough if you are hauling. To avoid a collision, you can’t rely on the manufacturer’s brakes.

When looking for new brakes, you will want to buy brakes that aren’t loud. The braking fluid must also be readily available in your area, or else you will have to buy it online and be burdened with shipping fees and wait times. The braking pads should also be fast cooling and not hang onto heat, especially after a hard break. More rapid cooling will increase lifespan as well as prevent damage and cracks from forming.

2. Better tires to drive over all types of terrain

If you are going to be worksites, open roads, dirt trails, and muddy backroads, then you will need to replace your tires and purchase all-terrain tires. Proper tires will add more traction when the lorry breaks hard on the freeway and will have additional grip while moving through mud and grime on an unpaved road.

The tires you pick out for your lorry must be puncture-resistant so they can travel over sharp rocks and broken glass. The open tread design is crafted to resist damage from sharp objects on asphalt as well as stones and damaged wood. If you are hauling heavy loads in your lorry bed, an essential feature you should seek out is reinforced sidewalls. With reinforced tires, your lorry can carry heavier than normal loads without losing road traction and or increasing the contact point from the tire to road.

3. A better exhaust system to power your truck longer


For an exhaust upgrade on a Ram 1500 Hemi, we decided to look outside of our team and take the advice of MechanicGuide. Their entire website is dedicated to reviewing trucks, truck parts, and truck exhaust systems, so they know what they’re talking about. And they recommend two types of exhausts: the Borla Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System and if you want your engine to be expressive, the Flowmaster Cat-back System. Once we go over the features of these two products, you’ll understand why they came so recommended.

Borla Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System

This exhaust system was built with hardworking trucks in mind. The muffler works like a charm, and customers who own this exhaust system say that the engine noise sounds like a deep low rumble, which was better than the original engine’s noise. There are two exhaust pipes, and each tube has a wide diameter. The wideness of the pipes helps filter away from the engine faster, therefore keeping it colder longer.

The entire system is easy to install within a day. The Boria is built from stainless steel piping, which won’t weight down your truck or hurt your fuel efficiency. And the Borla company has backed this exhaust with a one-million-mile warranty, which is at least more than five years of coverage.

Flowmaster Cat-back System – Dual Rear Exit – American Thunder


The primary reason someone would purchase this exhaust is that it features an aggressive engine sound. It was created by those who want their trucks to purr and don’t mind being a little loud. This exhaust is not for those who like quiet vehicles. It contains 16-gauge stainless steel tubing for fasting dispersion of heat. It also will not weight down your vehicle. Those who have installed this system report an increase in their fuel efficiency. But the most significant upside is that the Flowmaster comes with a lifetime warranty.

Durable and damage resistant front and back bumpers

If you’re going to be working outdoors among plants, shrubs, and rocks, then you need to fortify your truck with heavy-duty front and back bumpers. The purpose of a bumper is to protect the front and back of your vehicle from low-speed accidents. Fenders do this by absorbing shocks when the back or front collides with an object. Even if you use your rear camera to back up, there will be days when you accidentally hit something behind you because you couldn’t see it.

The most durable types of bumpers are those made from with stainless steel, as it is both durable and light. This option might be more expensive than most other bumpers, which are made from both an aluminum or steel and plastic combination. And be sure to buy a bumper that covers and protects the headlights and the taillights.

What to take away from this article

No matter what part of your truck you are unhappy with, you can find a quality aftermarket replacement to improve upon your Ram. When you take the health of your vehicle into your own hands and upgrade it so you can have the power and performance you need to drive and work, you’ll be happy you took the plunge. Instead of purchasing a better truck with a higher price tag, upgrade three or four parts of your Dodge will save you money. Don’t let the extra installation work, and additional costs put you off from having a better, safer, more responsive truck. A well-maintained vehicle lasts at least 15 years, so you’ll be with your Dodge Ram a long time if you treat it right.