Mauro Ranallo Done With WWE?


Smackdown Live’s lead announcer Mauro Ranallo hasn’t been calling the action for about a month now. WWE used a couple of excuses for him not being present at the show in the first two weeks, but later they ignored the fact that he is not behind the commentating booth. Tom Phillips has replaced him as the man on the blue brand since he has been gone.

Mauro went to Twitter a couple of weeks ago, thanking the fans for being supportive of him and sending him good vibes. He is battling a mental disorder, and that is why he has been missing from the shows. The rumors were swirling that JBL had something to do with him not being at the events and doing his job. JBL has a history of bullying people backstage, and it seems that he did it thins time with Mauro, a guy that has bipolar disorder.

Now, Ranallo has removed every WWE reference from his social media account and has deleted a lot of tweets about the WWE. It seems that he is not going to be back on WWE TV and JBL has a lot to do with it. Johnathan Coachman has also stated that he no longer wants to cover the companies events on ESPN because of the situation like this.


CBS asked WWE to comment on the situation with Ranallo, but they only said that he is under the contract until the August 12th, ending their statement right there. Don’t expect the organization to make any kind of comment on Ranallo on live TV, they will continue with Tom Phillips just like nothing ever happened. Don’t expect Ranallo to be back on the blue brand.