Match Of The Night At NXT Takeover Brooklyn?


NXT has put another very good card for their Takeover show as they returned to Brooklyn during Summerslam weekend for the third year in a row. They have had an amazing run of good and great shows, and they didn’t want to disappoint with probably their biggest show of the year. All of the matches delivered, it was electric, it was exciting. But, which was the best battle of the night?

It really comes down to two. Johnny Gargano and Andrade Cien Almas have done a fantastic job in the opener. It was a sleeper match, and they truly put themselves out there and showed that they are ready for big things in the near future. It was really well-paced, the crowd loved the most of it, guys worked hard, and it was booked the right way. The finish itself was good as there was a spot where Vega threw DIY T-Shirt at Johnny Wrestling who got distracted long enough for Cien Almas to run away with this match.


That was pretty good. But, we are here today to tell you that Ember Moon and Asuka had the best fight of the night. Ember absolutely stepped up here. She looked like a guy who is determined, who is ready to beat somebody who she couldn’t overcome for a long time. The story was told perfectly, girls delivered in the ring with great moves and exciting action. In the end, Asuka is still the champion, and Ember Moon got a nice ovation while she was leaving the ring. Big day for her.

Ember usually struggles to make her promos sound good, but she did a great job in the ring and with her expressions. Promos are not the only way for someone to enhance their character and Ember proved that last night at Takeover Brooklyn III.