Maserati Alfieri EV confirmed


After all this time and years of speculations Maserati finally officially confirmed the production version of their Alfieri concept. That, as it seems wasn’t enough for Italian luxury brand, and they even went far as announcing that they are planning an all-electric version that will be one of the biggest competitors to next generation Porsche 911 and Jaguar F-Type.

Maserati Alfieri EV Release Date

Back then when Maserati made updates for its production path, Alfieri sadly got pushed for the end of the decade, and in that time it was thought that the production model would arrive in 2018 when Maserati had a change of heart and delayed it further into 2023. Thankfully the Maserati Region Manager for North Europe, Mr. Peter Denton officially confirmed that the variant with combustion engine will be ready by 2019 or 2023. The info about an all-electric version of the same car came from his mouth as well when he was speaking to JustAuto at the UK launch of the Levante SUV.

Apparently, the production version of the Alfieri will adopt almost all of the design features from the concept, and it is expected to be larger than the Porsche Boxster/Cayman family with new platform underpinning it, according to the previous reports. It will also borrow some components from the Ghibli sedan which means it won’t be made from scratch. Since Maserati has its racing pedigree to uphold, the Alfieri as a true sports coupe’ is going to be exclusively made as a rear wheel drive vehicle. Although one of the engineers, Davide Danesin, revealed last month that a possibility of an all-wheel drive configuration had been taken into consideration, but, that scenario, at least according to him, is very unlikely to happen.

When engine department is considered it seems that ICE variants will come first and the power for them will be brought by a V6 unit in three different power tunes – 410, 450, and 520 HP which is extraordinary. The Alfieri will be offered, when it hits the market in three years time, in two body styles – a coupe and a convertible. The price tag hasn’t been revealed, and we could only hear that it will be priced in accordance with the segment in which it comes, according to Denton which is little more than vague if you ask me.