Marshawn Lynch Traded To Oakland Raiders


Just a day before the Draft, we have a major news coming from Oakland and Seattle. There was a lot of talk about Marshawn Lynch coming out of retirement to play for his hometown Raiders. Now, the fact that they will be moving to Las Vegas in two years is something that impacted this decision for Lynch as he had the last chance to bring the success to his hometown squad.

Today, his plans are no longer a dream. They are a reality. Even though he did retire, the Seattle Seahawks were the holders of the right to veteran running back. In order for him to play for the Raiders, Oakland needed to make a trade to get him on their team.


Today, they have completed the move. If everything goes as planned, Beast Mode will be a member of the Oakland Raiders on Wednesday. People who represent Marshawn and the Raiders have agreed to the terms of the deal, and the team has stated that they will be trading for Lynch with the Seahawks. Multiple sources informed of the deal negotiation, and both sides of the agreement have accepted the terms. Seahawks will get a couple of 2018 late-round picks in return for Beast Mode.

Raiders offense was already one of the best in the NFL. They are known for their passing attack as they do have a lot of guys that can go deep and damage opposing defenses. Now, they have someone that can do the damage running the ball. Teams that play against the Raiders will have to pick their poison on the defensive side of the ball. They were one of the best teams in the AFC last year, and the only reason why they didn’t go all the way was the injury of their starting QB Derek Carr. This year they can and probably will do better.