How Does Marshall Signing With Giants Impact The Cowboys?


New York Giants were Dallas’ biggest rivals last year, and they are the team that beat them twice in the regular season. Cowboys were much better against the rest of the NFC and the whole NFL, but they had a lot of trouble when battling the Giants. Those two games were two close ones, but still, the Cowboys couldn’t prevail. They were able to keep their offense in check, but the defense of the Giants had its way with Dallas.

Well, the team from NY is richer for one more weapon on the offensive side of the ball. Odell Beckham Jr, Sterling Shepard, and Victor Cruz were the three main weapons for Eli Manning, but they failed to make a big time impact last season. Giants scored when Odell made a big play, or even when Shepard stepped up, but that wasn’t always the case. Victor Cruz didn’t contribute very much to this squad last season, and that is why he was released.

Now, instead of him, the Giants will be getting Brandon Marshall, a player that is still in his prime and a guy that is hungry for success as he has never played in a single Playoff game. He is still one of the best wideouts in the league, and his pairing with Odell Beckham Jr. is going to be a dangerous one, especially for the Dallas Cowboys as they will have to face them again and battle in the division.

This move will kick in the sense of urgency for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys front office to boost their defense. They were able to keep them off the field with the running game, and the defense wasn’t exposed as much as it probably should have been. Now, even if they don’t spend much time on the field, they will probably get exposed because they won’t be able to defend both Marshall and Beckham at the same time. When you add Shepard to that combo, you get something that is going to be tough to stop for all the defenses in the NFL.