11 Marketing Strategies to Follow in 2024


We are living in a dynamic season that is constantly changing. Although several marketing strategies have been practiced for a long time and are still relevant today, it is also time to evaluate the marketing strategies you put in place to guarantee your success going forward.

At the heart of your marketing campaigns, this year there are two important components that will be important going forward: technology and customer experience. A mere look at how brands have been using social media pages to promote their work clearly shows that marketers must rethink how they go about their business.


Ultimately, digital marketing is the key strategy in driving sales. Notably, digital marketing has become more convincing and compelling. It’s time to reevaluate how it is perceived and handled. Here are key strategies that will make a great difference.

Quick Response for Better User Experience

The business has significantly moved from brick and mortar to the digital space. However, some important business etiquette such as a proper, accurate, and quick answer to customer queries remains overwhelmingly important. In fact, in the digital space quick response to customer needs is not only highly valued but a basic requirement that is highly prioritized.

Social media platforms offer a clear demonstration of how quick response should be used to improve customer experience. Brands are using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to loads of use to their customers. This channel of communication only offers quick access to information but also allows easy interaction between customers and brands.

Brands must work hard to offer quick solutions to customer queries. Such information must also be accurate and relevant to enhance the customer experience.

Data-Driven Digital Approaches

Data continues to be an essential part of doing modern business. Organizations are hurriedly putting in place measures that ensure that all or most of their actions are data-driven. Data is helping brands to put in place mechanisms that help to direct the information to the right channels.

A good example of targeted data is seen in advertising algorithms that make suggestions depending on personal interests, likes, contacts, and so on. Data-driven approaches will continue to influence marketing beyond 2024.

Increased Use of AI

We’ve already witnessed a revolution in the way Artificial Intelligence is being used across various industries. In marketing, automated emails and chatbots is a good example of how AI has become a useful tool. Organizations are now able to release loads of automated emails at the appropriate time while chatbots can answer a myriad of questions and handle efficiently handle customers.

Leverage Augment Reality


Technology is now at the core of everything we do. Augmented Reality (AR) is already allowing brands to elevate the customer experience in a unique way. For instance, using AR, clients can have a tour of a home they intend to buy even though they are physically very far. Customers are also able to have the real feel of products before they can make a purchase.

Deeply Personalized Advertising

It is time for targeted advertising that speaks directly to individuals. The success of this approach has been affirmed by social media platforms that go out of the way to understand the needs and interests of their subscribers. With this, they are able to send personalized suggestions and allow clients to consume very relevant advertisements.

Mind More About Customer Retention And Loyalty

The business environment has become very competitive and losing even a single client is already too costly. Constant communication, personalized content, marketing automation among other approaches are being put in place to maximize customer retention. Ecommerce websites are also using incentives such as free delivery, free samples as well as friendly product return and money guarantee policy to attract and retain customers.


Video is getting bigger

Organizations continue to heavily invest in video marketing as a formidable tool of communication. This strategy has gained momentum particularly because of its convincing nature, ease of understanding, and ability to break down complex information to consumers. In the next half of 2024 and for quite a long future, the video will continue to grow and become outstanding.

Carry Out Original Research

Organizations are constantly seeking accurate and relevant data to help them in decision-making processes. Publishing original surveys in your field make you a force to reckon with. This is an amazing strategy for B2B networking and a good way to cultivate your space for business success.

Informative, Educative Content

Content still reigns, but what kind of content will make your brand to stand out? A combination of informative, educative, and entertaining content is greatly valued. Putting out the kind of information that wins customers requires a better understanding of your audience. With this, you will easily walk the same path.

Voice Search Works

Over the last couple of years, voice search has considerably grown and it is estimated that this trend will continue to get better over time. Optimize your content for voice call going into the future as this will help you to rank better on search engines.

Re-Energize Social Media Campaigns

Social media has become so important that some governments around the globe use it for official communication. SEO experts such as Joel House recommend that you ensure your visibility on social media is not casual but one that is heavily reliable. Use influencer posts, be appealing and persuasive, and be consistent with your social media campaigns. This will help you win the appropriate following online. If you find the engagement aspect to be a struggle, click here to see social media management services for help in this vital area.

Don’t Forget Local SEO


Consider your locality as the region with the greatest potential for business success and work hard to get as much traffic from this region. There are several approaches you can use to get this done. For instance, Google’s free tool Google My Business can help drive traffic to brick and mortar stores while maintaining a strong online presence. At the same time, let your content focus on your locality and beyond.


The best way to win for any organization is using data to choose a combination of strategies that work best. It’s a constant process of evaluation and experimenting and being on the lookout for new approaches at all times.