March 2017 is the date for release of Redstone 2 for Windows 10 update

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We observers of Microsoft have predicted that the next update feature that Windows 10 will get will be in Spring of 2017.

If Microsoft makes it to the target it has set for “Redstone 2” for Windows 10 then we should expect it in the early part of Spring.

In the early part of the week, officials of Microsoft published some documentation online making mention of “1703” when referring to Windows 10 version as revealed by Tero Alhonen and “The Walking Cat” on Twitter.

Going by how Microsoft presently names the conventions it has for the release of Windows 10, we can assume that the Redstone 2 should be expected to the delivered by March 2017.

When some sources that are close to the company were asked about 1703, they confirmed that indeed Redstone 2 for Windows 10 will be debuted by March 2017. When Microsoft officials were contacted to make a comment they declined.

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You should, however, bear in mind that the target for RTM/ship (referring to the release to mainstream) does not mean that it will be available just yet. We witnessed when Windows 10 was celebrating its Anniversary Update that they code names 1607 which indeed did make it to RTM in July, but in the actual sense, it was not until August 2nd that it was finally made available.

At the present, the Redstone 2 insider tests are yet to give us an indication of what to expect with for the Windows 10 update release features. The test builds we have seen so far deals mostly with tweaks for minor features.

At the company’s event coming up October 26 which is a hardware event for Windows 10 that will hold in New York City, it is hoped that Microsoft will dive into more details concerning its plans for Redstone 2 and the features that will accompany it. We have heard from grapevine that there are possibilities of Windows Holographic shell being added to Redstone 2 for Windows 10 at the event.

Well, we do not think that those that are considering if 1703 ship target means the date that the company has in mind for its Build event coming up next year should continue thinking so. the company does not need to make use of the day it has set aside for its developer show that is an annual event to make the release since they already have developers are working towards a new release of the Windows 10 update on what seems to be a regular basis.

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This week’s Windows news that was made known in the news had the company releasing the update for its anniversary update – 1607 meant for Windows 10 to the devices of Surface Hub only Thursday, October 13 without knowing that was what Microsoft calls it – Windows 10 Team Edition.

With the Surface Hub update anniversary, such things as inking support, support for simultaneous pen/touch, preloaded PowerBI, Flash support for Edge, photos apps, and OneDrive amongst others.