Making sense of the Amari Cooper trade!


As you probably already know, the Dallas Cowboys have decided that they desperately need a new wideout on their roster. After striking out with a couple of big names that were either free agents or on the trade block, Jerry Jones decided that he should finally pull the trigger on a player and make something happen. Amari Cooper is now a Dallas Cowboy.

We have seen Redskins putting 9 men in the box from time to time in order to stop the running game of America’s Team. That’s telling you right there that they didn’t really think a lot about the Dallas Cowboys passing game. Now, it’s gotten a boost.

Some were scratching their heads when they saw that Dallas gave a first round pick for Amari Cooper when the New England Patriots only gave up a fifth-round choice for a guy like Josh Gordon. Now we do know that Philly actually wanted to give up a second round pick, so we know that a first-rounder was needed in order to complete that deal.

This agreement looks like it’s a good one for both sides. The Raiders are already looking towards the next season and the next draft where they are going to pick three times in the first round.

On the other hand, we do know how badly Dallas needs a wideout. Yes, Cooper had great first two years, and after that, he has been inconsistent, but he is a quiet guy that is going to get the job done if you put him in a position to be successful.

He made Pro-Bowl squad twice and had shown a lot of potential. After all, he is only 24. Maybe the only thing that he needed is a change of scenery. Hopefully, the Cowboys finally got their number one wide receiver in Amari Cooper, a guy that should make Dak’s life much easier.