6 Smart Ways to Make Your Makeup Look more Expensive


Every person who’s ever put makeup on knows how expensive a good look can be. Millions of people believe if you don’t have a foundation that costs north of 50 dollars, or if you don’t have a lipstick that is at least 20 bucks, there is no way for you to look good or classy. The good news is, the price of the product you purchase has nothing to do with the finished look, and you can look like million dollars even when you are on a budget. Keep on reading if you want to learn some smart ways to make your makeup look more expensive.

1. Learn which tones suit you


The first thing we are going to talk about is colors and tones. Not every person is going to look good in all the hues and that is totally normal. Just because your best friend can rock a green eyeshadow, it does not mean that you will look good in it, and just because you look beautiful with cool tones, it does not mean that your friend should borrow your eyeshadow palette.

You need to learn what looks good on you depending on your skin tone, the color of your eyes, and even the color of your hair. Combine all that with your style and preferences, and know that there is also finesse depending on the shape of your face and eyes. You should see which things would look good on you depending on the way you look, and starting from there, you should experiment with shapes and colors. Know that once you find the perfect formula you are going to improve the way you look when you put on a full face of makeup.

2. Don’t forget about the routine

Your skincare routine is going to make a big difference and you should pay attention to the products that you use and how they mix with the makeup you’ve purchased. You have to put a primer on if you don’t want your foundation to crack, and you don’t have to invest in a traditional primer. You should use a hydrating cream, and you should never forget about the SPF, no matter the season.

Always wash your face before you put foundation on, and know that you have to remove it before you go to bed. You should do a peeling at least once per week, depending on your skin type, and if you see that your skin needs a break, you should let it breathe without covering it with makeup.

3. If you are not confident, tone it down


We all want to rock that red lipstick, and we want to look like we came out of the cover of the magazine, but red lips are not for everyone. If you don’t know how to put red lipstick on, if you don’t have the proper makeup, and if you don’t know how to wear it, no matter how much it costs, it is going to look cheap.

So, the best thing you can do in this case is tone things down. You don’t have to wear bright makeup, and you don’t have to overdo it. If you don’t know how to do a smokey eye, just don’t do it. Ultimately, until you learn how to master these things, and until you are comfortable with your skills, you should steer away from complex things. Modesty usually goes hand in hand with luxury, so use this to your advantage.

As you can see on websites like clearskinregime.com, there are a lot of easy makeup looks that you can do, and that don’t require too many skills, so you can easily do them at home even if you are a beginner.

4. Use the right tools


The tools are going to make a huge difference in your overall experience, and if you don’t use the proper applicator or brush, you are going to mess everything up. There are so many different tools that you can use, and you don’t have to have them all to have a good experience. However, if you use the wrong applicator, chances are, you will ruin your overall look.

Most of the tools are affordable, and you don’t have to invest in brand names. Test different brushes out, see how you are feeling about them, if they are making your job easier, and depending on that, purchase the items you need and use them.

5. Learn what proper application is

The easiest way to make your face look expensive is to know what you are doing. There is finesse for putting the blush, the eyeliner, and especially the contour, and you need to learn these things if you want to look expensive.

No matter how good the products are, if you don’t know how to apply them, chances are, they are going to look bad on your skin. So, take some time to learn these things and don’t rush. You will need time to practice and get better, so try not to skip steps. You can also use tutorials and see what others are doing so that you can follow their recommendations and learn how to do things on your own.

6. Don’t put too much makeup


Putting on too much foundation, or any other type of makeup is going to make you look bad. The more layers there are, the more likely it is that there are going to be visible creases, lines, and even wrinkles.

Because of this, you need to tone down with the layers you put, and you need to see how different products go with each other. Sometimes the foundation you use is not going to mix well with the contour, brush, or even the primer. Test things out, and remember that less is more.

These are some simple and smart ways how to make your makeup look more expensive. Note that from time to time you will need to invest in things that are going to look better on your face, but ultimately, as long as you know what you are doing and you are comfortable with your skills, you can easily achieve that million-dollar look with just low-budget items.