Major WWE Superstar Needs Surgery


The New Day have been the hottest thing in the WWE at some point during their run with the tag team titles. They were so entertaining that it wasn’t even a question whether or not they are going to lose their tag titles. It was only a question of who are they going to beat next to retain the top spot.

Now, when they do not hold the belts anymore, they are focusing on doing all kinds of skits and comedy segments while also promoting their merch. Wrestling hasn’t been their thing in the past couple of months. For one of them, participating in a wrestling match won’t be a possibility for a while.


We are talking about Kofi Kingston. There were rumors that he is injured, but nobody thought that the issue is as serious as it turned out to be. Kofi suffered a broken ankle when The New Day were wrestling against The Revival last Monday Night Raw. He is going under the knife, and he will be out for several weeks when he will be reevaluated.

Nobody knows how will this impact the New Day in the next couple of weeks. Kofi might still appear on the TV, but he might be the one that watches from the sidelines while Big E and Xavier Woods do the work in the ring. This also might impact the future direction of the WWE as well as the decision on what to do with them when the Superstar Shakeup happens on Monday Night Raw.