MacBook Pro – Why Should You Buy It?


Although the MacBook Pro has been refreshed recently, is it really worth to give all that money for it? Let’s take a look.


The new MacBook Pro comes with 16GB of RAM and a Radeon Pro 450 graphics card with 4GB of RAM. Moreover, the device is equipped with an Intel i7 processor and a 265 GB SSD, which can go up to 2TB. Considering that the new device is 14% thinner and 20% smaller than the previous model, these figures are extraordinary.

Touch Bar

Touch Bar has some interesting possibilities and one of them is third party customization. A few collaborations for third-party apps that make use of the Touch Bar have been announced by the company. Adobe Photoshop is included in these applications.

Hopefully, other companies will follow this example, because we may see some creative Touch Bars. We might see thumbnails on the Touch Bar, or even the toolbar, which may migrate down to the Touch Bar, creating more space on display.

Larger Trackpad

This is a great update by the company, especially for editors and people who use their MacBooks to work. If you wanted to edit something on a smaller trackpad, you would really have to disfigure your hand and fingers. The larger trackpad was a much-needed upgrade.


The new display has 25% more colors and 67% higher contrast ratio than the previous version. The UltraFine 5K Display has been assembled by Apple and LG and it has a 5120×2880 resolution and 14.7 million pixels. Also, the cameras and microphones are built into it, as well as the three USB Type-C ports and a Thunderbolt port. However, the extra display costs $1299.99.

Touch ID

With the Touch ID, multiple users can log in via the fingerprint scanner. Moreover, Apple used the Secure Enclave from the iPhone to keep fingerprints safe.

In addition, those online stores that support Apple Pay with Touch ID will make your life easier, since you will be able to pay for items this way. Meanwhile, future upgrades of Touch ID would be great. Hopefully, one day you will be able to sign instantly to services with a touch of your finger.

The new MacBook Pro is definitely worth the money.