Lynk&Co Concept Introduced by a new Brand


The Lynk&Co, which is a branch of a Chinese company called Geely, introduced their Concept car in Berlin. This concept is supposed to show what future vehicles from this new brand will look like.

The first vehicle introduced by this company is the Lynk&Co 01 and the two cars will have similar design lines. The Concept vehicle, however, will have four gullwing doors, a wide-slash front and high headlights. The omission of B-pillars is an interesting choice and this car certainly differs from any other we have seen so far.

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The four-seat saloon will not go on sale soon, but according to the group executive and vice president Peter Horbury five other models will hit the market, considering that they are “already done”.

We are not sure how many parts or feature will actually appear on the production model, but this concept gives us the general idea of what the newly founded brand will be focusing on. The floor of the car is made out of carbon fiber, but they used a different weave pattern. The company remained silent about technical information, but the car will be equipped with the 3D touchscreen infotainment system.

Horbury also said: “We’ll have to do the bread and butter stuff first. Then maybe there’ll be time to have fun.”

We are curious about the company’s future, so we will keep track of their work.