Lucifer Season 3 Release date, News and Updates


An interesting arrangement has been made by Fox, regarding the third season of Lucifer. Namely, the network will use the four episodes from its previous season and append them to the Lucifer season 3.

The new season was supposed to have 18 episodes at first, but then the producers conceived a plan that will help the audience relate even more to the series.

‏”We designed this season to be an 18 episode arc because we originally were going to be 18 episodes. But then we got 4 more! Surprise!,” the executive producer of Lucifer Joe Henderson posted on his Twitter account. “So we decided to create four episodes that let us play around a bit. Dig deeper into the character stories, play with format a bit, etc.”

This fall the third season will start with the four added episodes. According to Henderson these four episodes “stand on their own, but also pick up plots we’ve introduced and bring in new stuff we’ll play with in season 3.”

The show first came out with 13 episodes in total, back in January 2016 while it got 22 episodes for its next season. What might strike everyone as a surprise, but Lucifer is currently more popular than Gotham if we take a look at the figures. Lucifer counts 3.8 million viewers, which means that it is surpassing the number of viewers Gotham has by about 300,000.

These figures make Lucifer equal to the highly popular TV Show Arrow. It still hasn’t reached the number of viewers The Flash is having, but it is definitely high above Supergirl for instance.


Lucifer Season 3 Release Date

From this fall, Season 3 episodes will come out on Mondays at 8 pm. It is set to return on the first Monday of October, October 2.

Lucifer Season 3 Trailer

The trailer is already available for all the fans who are yearning to see it.