Los Angeles Clippers are still one of the best teams in the NBA. They haven’t missed the playoffs since Blake Griffin’s rookie season. To put it better, they have made the postseason every single time in the Chris Paul era. But, they just can’t get through the 2nd round. Is this the season in which they can do it?

Last year was just really not good for them. Blake Griffin hurt his hand and missed most of the season. He was ready for the playoffs, but both Paul and Blake got injured in that series against Portland, and the rest of the Clippers were no match for Lillard and his Blazers.

It’s the same team this time around, just like in previous years. Chris Paul is still their PG, JJ Redick plays with him in the backcourt with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan up front. And yes, they haven’t found that guy that will play Small Forward for them. Just another year in which they will have to put somebody just to fill the lineup. Is aging Paul Pierce the answer at the three?

This is the same Clippers team like before. We know what they can do and what they can’t. They still have the same weaknesses, and it’s just hard to imagine that they will overcome all of those. And what about their depth? They still have their core bench players, but in the past, it was clear that the Clippers need solid replacements for their starting bigs. Do they have it this time around? Not really. Brandon Bass is there, and he is decent, but still.

Clippers can improve if Blake Griffin takes over as team’s best player. He is a great all-around talent, and he just needs to lead this squad going forward. If CP3 is still their main guy, we can see them with 55 wins in the season. 55-27 record sounds about right, just like the 2nd round exit. They could challenge for the Conference Finals, but Blake just needs to take over for Doc Rivers and his team.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images