Considerations to Make When Looking for Air Freight Company


If your business involves shipping goods domestically or internationally, air freight may be inevitable, mainly when dealing with perishable products. Decades ago, only big companies used air freight, but today, it is accessible and affordable even to small businesses. Your choice of an air freight company can significantly impact the success of your business because delivery times matter a lot.

Discover the considerations you ought to make before choosing an air freight company.

Product type

The first thing to evaluate when choosing air freight is the sensitivity of your products. You are aware that different products require different handling and storage during shipping, and others require extra attention since they are fragile and perishable. For instance, if you are shipping temperature-sensitive products, they need thermal protection, and you should choose a freight company that guarantees that.

The Healthcare and Food industries are some sectors that require special handling and storage when it comes to freight. You may have to use insulated pallet boxes, thermal pallet covers, and container liners to ensure your goods remain in top condition in transit. Learn about pallet handling innovative technologies at

Delivery timelines

How fast do you want your goods to be shipped or delivered? This means that shipping timelines matter a lot since you don’t want to disappoint your customers. Even if air freight is fast and reliable, you have to perform your due diligence beforehand to ensure the delivery timelines suit your products and customer demand. Note that customers are likely to lose trust in you if you don’t deliver on time.

If your business promises delivery within three days, you have to stick to that by ensuring the air freight company you choose accommodates your preferred speed. Time is of the essence if the products are perishable, which is one of the reasons to use air freight. Also, ensure you have a backup plan of what to do if unprecedented delays occur.


Airfreight can be expensive, so many businesses only use it to deliver perishable goods. However, there is significantly affordable air freight today thanks to the developments in the airline sector. cost is one of the things to evaluate when choosing a freight company. For an effective logistics process, ensure you have a budget so that you don’t ship via air at the cost of other aspects of your business.

You should choose an air freight company that is affordable for your business while still giving you the quality of your money. Also, you should stay up-to-date with freight charges since the airline sector is known for fluctuations in transport and shipping.

Freight costs may be high when there is a high demand for a particular product or during high seasons. You may also have to pay more for speedy delivery for particular reasons. Click here for more information on how much it will cost your business to use air freight.

Customs and regulations

Another critical thing to consider before using air freight is the customs, regulations, terms, and policies. To avoid hefty fines, delays, or product hold-ups, you must understand the customs and legislation of different areas that you need to ship to and from. International air freight can be complicated, so engaging an expert is vital to ensure that you are on the safe side.

Moreover, you have to understand the terms and conditions of the air freight company before working with them. Knowing the terms of the agreement beforehand can save you from unnecessarily complaining about something that is clearly stated in the terms. You should also ask the company for explanations and clarifications that you do not understand.

Industry expertise

You want to work with an air freight company with industry experts regarding the freight business. Freight business can be complicated, and you want to work with a company that has been in the industry long enough to achieve the much-needed experience. They should be able to handle different types of goods depending on their sensitivity and the client’s demands.

Also, ensure that they have shipped your kind of products before making any commitments. If you are shipping domestically, you want to engage a domestic air freight company.

If you want to ship internationally, you want to work with an international air freight company. Alternatively, you can engage a company specializing in domestic and international freight if you ship domestically and internationally.

Supply chain

Consider the air freight supply chain. A supply chain refers to companies, people, or institutions that help move goods from one point to another, whether domestically or internationally. The more intricate your supply chain is, the harder it might be for your items to be delivered.

Therefore you must know the key players beforehand and the possible challenges you are likely to face. Note that clear communication in the supply chain is essential, so you should try your best to eliminate any unnecessary links. Also, know the possible challenges to anticipate them and have a backup plan.

Handling capacity

Can the air freight company handle the number of goods you need to ship without damage or delays? You should engage an air freight company with enough vessels to accommodate your shipment without damage or delays as agreed in the contract. Learn about the company’s handling capacity by checking their daily, weekly, or monthly shipment volume, or you can also inquire from their website. That way, you can choose a freight company that suits your business need regarding shipping volumes.


Choose an air freight company that has embraced technology to simplify supply chain communication—for instance, satellite tracking devices or a program to track your shipment from your computer. There is advanced technology for every industry; therefore, you should consider an air freight company with the latest technologies to simplify the freight processes.


Every business has a goal when it comes to global transactions, and one that cuts across all of them is the timely delivery of imports and exports. Therefore choosing a freight company is a decision you should take seriously because it directly impacts your business.