Loftey Tips for Moving to NYC


For anyone that is looking for a new place to live, New York City can be a great destination. This city is full of professional opportunities, is the home to millions of people, and is the cultural and entertainment center of the United States. Because of this, it is a great place for anyone to live if they are just starting out in their professional lives. While it is a great place to live, it does take some getting used to. There are a variety of tips that should be followed when looking to move to New York City, which will help your transition go more smoothly.

Public Transportation

One of the advantages of moving to New York City is that you do not necessarily even need to have a car. Since the price of parking can be so expensive, most people would be better off simply taking advantage of the public transit systems. Before you move to New York City, you should look into getting a Subway and bus pass, which will give you full access to all of the public transportation that you need. You should also carefully study the map to ensure you know how to get to and from work and other common destinations.

Prepare for the Weather

Depending on where you are coming from, the weather in New York City can be shocking. While it is nice most of the year, there are still several periods of very cold weather that can be hard to deal with. Furthermore, people in New York City tend to walk much more than people in other areas. Because of this, you will need to make sure that you have a good pair of walking shoes, a warm coat, and a full wardrobe to get you through the colder times of the year.

Help Finding a Place to Live

According to MyBaggage, when someone is moving into New York City, they could find that it is difficult to find a good apartment. For those that are looking for a great apartment, utilizing the services provided by Loftey could be a great option. The Loftey housing service will help you to find an apartment in your desired location in your budget. Loftey can also handle all of the legwork for you when searching for NYC apartments for rent, which will cut down on the time you spend searching and even save you a lot of money.


While New York City is a very populated city that is full of people, it can always feel lonely moving to a new place. Because of this, you should look into ways to make new friends. There are plenty of great associations in New York City that will provide you with the opportunity to meet new people. One great option would be to look into alumni associations for your past university. There are alumni associations for more colleges, which will immediately give you a way to meet people that went to the same school as you. These associations hold regular events and gatherings during the year.