6 Ways Local Listings are Beneficial for New Businesses


Imagine you traveled all the way in another city to find the store of a certain business. You really need this product, it’s a significant quality-of-life improvement for you. But, what is there to think about it? Just go and buy it? You arrive at the block where the shop is supposedly located, and all of a sudden you see just a few bystanders and no flashy sign indicating “Service Here”. Now you’re all confused.

You double-check the website and the location is pinpointed exactly where you’re standing. No shop still however. So now you’ve driven all that distance for nothing. You leave the spot and get back home disappointed and start looking for another brand. You tell all your friends that this particular business failed you in the most unprofessional way. The owner of that business now has at least ten other people knowing that their time and money are not worthy of that company’s service. But wait, what if you are the business owner in this scenario?

Avoid making this mistake by learning why local listings are so beneficial for your business. Don’t make the mistake we used as an example above. There are six ways local listings are beneficial for new business and you’re about to learn. Let’s take a look.


1. Local listings boost your SEO by a lot

You are probably already familiar with the concept of Search Engine Optimization and its significance for the growth of your business in an internet-driven era. However, the number one mistake people make when they start their first business and focus on the SEO part is optimizing only on a global level. That’s not the most optimal way to go, and you certainly have to focus more on the local SEO as well.

Experts say that even a slightly incorrect input in your phone number or address on your local SEO part and you could be losing hundreds if not thousands of customers on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the size of your business and its nature of course. Thankfully, informative websites such as Progressive Media GmbH are here to help us get into all this without being all too confused at first. Feel free to use such useful resources to boost your knowledge and kickstart your business ahead of your competition.

2. You’ll never make your customers feel betrayed or disappointed

Here we go again with loyalty, but it’s so important that we cannot afford finishing our advice list without mentioning this. Making your customers feel like they can trust you with their money at any time anywhere is the key for success. No matter what type of a business you have, there are at least a thousand others like yours somewhere close. Your customers always have the choice to spend their money elsewhere, but that’s not even nearly to what you as a business owner want.

By doing local listing you’ll avoid making the mistake we mentioned in the introduction section above, and this will take you one step closer towards achieving that feeling of mutual trust between you and your customers, followers and supporters. When you have your working hours and working location officially and publically listed, your customers feel like they can reach you at any time.

3. Huge increase of sales if listings are linked to your product page

According to the statistics, and we all know that statistics in 2024 are what makes the world go round, about fifty-five percent of all searches consumers make end up in a purchase, but only if you have your product page linked with the listing. One-click buying is something that’s slowly becoming the only way to shop in these modern times, so customers don’t really have much time to re-consider their decision or change their mind in case they see something better a day or two later. Allow them the chance to instantly click and spend their money on your product, service or whatever it is that your business has to offer them.

Other statistics show that businesses that are properly listed and linked in the searching databases succeed seventy percent more than those improperly configured. It’s 2024 and the internet is king. It’s no longer relevant who has the most flashy billboards on the street in front of their shop when it comes to “scoring” customers.

4. You have to beat your competition


Beating your competition is your number one goal, otherwise your business won’t survive even the slightest bit. It’s a cruel world out there and for every minute you spend not listing your business locally, your competition is pumping time and effort into their Local SEO. Don’t be surprised if their service appears on top of the Google ranking results if you are not taking local listings seriously.

5. Mobile accuracy in search results

People do 90% of their searches through a smartphone, and a smartphone can easily point them towards the right direction where they can find your store. This is why it’s so important that you make it as easier for them as possible to find what they’re looking for. The modern customer nowadays wants to be treated like they don’t have even one minute of their free time to waste. After all, they’re the ones paying you, so you have to “lure them” nice and easy while they’re in the mood to pay for one of your products. When you have your working hours, directions, and multiple shops listed across the city, anyone with a smartphone and internet access can find you in just a few minutes.



Making sure your business is popular in your local area will have a huge impact on your overall earnings. This is why we suggest that you don’t focus only on global SEO but to equally value the local Search Engine Optimization as well.

Not everybody knows the benefits of local listings for their business, especially not newer business owners who recently created their first startup. But, we made sure to guide and help you learn more in today’s article. Remember to carefully and thoroughly think about each one of these tips and we are pretty confident you’ll spike up your revenues in the upcoming 2024.