Lil Wayne not interested in working with Birdman again


Lil Wayne said that it is not in his best interest to continue to work with Birdman. During an interview on FSi’s Undisputed, he refuted all the rumors that said he was going to retire.

Lil Wayne’s song “No Mercy” was the first thing he talked about in the interview. For the record, this song is the theme for the Undisputed. However, the talk about this tune was short and the crew focused on the Weezy’s tweet “I AM NOW DEFENSELESS AND mentally DEFEATED & I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I’m dun.”

Lil Wayne confirmed that this is not a tweet about the ending of his career, but that it has to do with business. He also explained that the tweet was posted after a row. The famous rapper is still involved in a dispute with Cash Money and Birdman. He claimed that there was a certain amount of concealed money connected to the album Tha Carter V which he will release soon and so he filed a $51 million lawsuit. Recently Wayne spends a lot of time in court since he also sued Universal Music Group for unpaid royalties.

In the interview, Wayne said:”I have a family, I have kids, I have a mother and we’ve got bills. And this is business. Once the business is right, then everything is right. So I did feel that way, and I didn’t take the tweet down because I still feel that way, and until something is done about it, then maybe it’ll change.”

On a question posed by a co-host Shannon Sharpe whether he would have Birdman as he associate once the mess is cleaned, Wayne replied:” No sir. Gimme mine, and I’ll walk off free, smiling.”

The famous MC was also thankful for the support that other rappers gave to him when he posted the tweet. He got some expected messages from Drake who is his close friend but also other hip-hop stars whom he hasn’t know responded. Ha added:” The artists that I don’t know that tweeted and came out like that, like Kendrick Lamar and people like that … Young Thug, there was other people, I was like, ‘Wow, I didn’t know.’ It mattered.”