Tips For Lighting Domestic Tennis Courts


Lighting is an important aspect of any sporting activity. With the right lighting, you can be sure of an exciting tennis playing experience. That’s why you should get it right with your lighting. Bring in the best lights. Device the most suitable lighting design. Choose LED lighting. Invest in controls. The following guide will take you through all things to do with tennis court lighting and a few ideas to help you.

Lighting levels

Before designing your tennis court, it’s important to pay attention to the lighting levels required. Think in terms of lux levels. For instance, you must pay close attention to the lux levels. According to the experts, these facilities should have a minimum lux level of about 100lux. This will perfectly illuminate the facility for those late-night games. Remember, these facilities require sufficient lights. Thus, consult an expert. Ask a light professional to help you.

Light Control

When it comes to lighting tennis courts, controls play a central role. Besides helping you save a large amount of electricity, controls will help you control different lighting fixtures around the facility. For instance, these controls are effective in splitting the light on the facility’s ground. Plus, you can achieve different orientations with lighting control. Whether you want to fix them at a 60 or 90- degree, controls got you covered.

Pole Installation

Pole installation is an important aspect while lighting a domestic tennis court. Plenty of suppliers sell lighting poles online and even offer pole installation services. These suppliers accommodate necessary regulations as they perform their services and with the help of manuals and specifications provided by the manufacturer.

These lighting poles are equipped with installation kits and manuals that will assist you to install these poles into the ground. It even comes with a frame structure and other instructions that will help guide the suppliers to install these poles safely in the right place. Hence, buy these lighting poles for your tennis court from a reputable supplier.

Pole Height

For domestic courts, keep the poles low. This is aimed at minimizing glare as well as over spilling light. Thus, you should get the height correct. On average, the height should range from 6 to 8 meters. However, it depends on the installed lighting fixtures. If you are lighting up a public area, you should use a pole that’s 20 meters long. However, it’s advisable to leverage natural lighting. If you are installing low poles, consider compensating them with more poles. For example, if the pole is 10 to 15 meters, consider installing 4 poles. It will light up the area perfectly.

Electricity Supply Requirements

You must have an idea of the electricity supply requirement for your tennis court. A regular domestic tennis court would require an electrical supply within 2.4kW to attain a minimum of about 100 lux to 6kW that can facilitate up to the maximum lighting level with a minimum of 10 poles.

You need LED drivers that will help you to meet the electrical supply requirements to light up the tennis court. The lighting poles must be equipped with these LED drivers at the bottom. The rest of the part including wiring and installation of lights to complete the electricity supply requirements is easy. You can hire an electrician who can do the electrical work following the relevant guidelines.

Install LEDs

With LED lighting fixtures, you have innovative ways of lighting up your court effectively. Still more, LEDs are environmentally friendly. Of course, they are expensive to install. However, they can save huge amounts of energy. Thus, they will save you money in terms of energy costs.

Efficiency Of A Tennis Court Lighting

The energy efficiency of tennis court lighting must be considered to promote less consumption of energy in a domestic tennis court. A simple way to achieve energy-efficient lighting on a tennis court is by using luminous efficacy.

A high luminous efficacy means consumption of more power but gives a high quantity of light with more brightness. The use of LED lights has been more energy-efficient and saves a lot on energy consumption. Since the lighting in a tennis court is kept on for most of the time, with LED lights you get increased brightness with less power consumption.

Choose The Right LED Lights

It’s very important to choose the right LED lights for lighting a domestic tennis court. A good quality LED light will last longer than a cheap low-quality light, and you might have to incur installation expenses more often. Good quality LED lights will provide high luminous efficacy and a wide range of color temperatures.

Buy LED lights that offer an anti-glare feature and must be minimum IP65 water-resistant. It is important to install waterproof lights to avoid gas discharge, cracked glass or broken filament, etc. Ensure that the LED lights provide adequate light uniformity at least within 0.6- 0.7 and offer heat dissipation that helps in reducing the heat temperature.

Choose A Good Energy Supplier

The supplier you choose can make or break your court gaming experience. For instance, choosing a reliable supplier will guarantee you better services. Don’t choose a supplier who overcharges you. Look for a reliable supplier. Also, if you are currently working with a certain supplier and aren’t happy with that company, switch to a different supplier through Utility Bidder.

Energy Plan

A tennis court will consume a considerable amount of energy. That’s why you should choose a flexible energy plan. Select a plan that will help you save more money in terms of energy costs. Avoid complex plans.

The Bottom-Line

These were a few tips that will help you in lighting a domestic tennis court. Following these tips and using the best quality materials for lighting a domestic tennis court will help you to save maintenance and replacement cost for a long period.

Using simple and cheap ways to implement the lighting designs might not be suitable for the long run. If you want a premium tennis playing experience, fix the lighting. Choose innovative, modern lighting. Think in terms of LED lighting. Use the above guide to light your tennis court like a pro.