Lie to Me Reunion 2018: Are we in for a surprise comeback?


On Monday, April 3rd rumors started circulating on the internet about a comeback of Lie to Me TV show. Allegedly Fox confirmed the comeback of the sitcom is scheduled for 2018.

Lie to Me finished in January 2011 after three successful years and after a farewell to Dr. Cal Lightman fans have been shyly wanting this one to return. Well, eight years after the first episode aired we have speculations that the comeback may be possible!

Dubbed as one of the most influential shows ever on pop culture Lie to Me was on TV from 2009 to 2011. Even though we had no new episodes since then, this sitcom was regular on many TV channels. However, Roth shared his opinion on the matter and claimed that he wouldn’t want to see the old Dr. Cal Lightman. He added: “Everyone’s going to have different vision of what the character is like, so to have that materialize is going to disappoint most people.” Not so encouraging in the end, won’t you say?

Numerous fans also pondered the idea of a Lie to Me movie. Hayley McFarland (Emily Lightman) displayed her discontent by saying: “I’d rather people go, ‘Oh, please! Please!’ than ‘I can’t believe you did that. It was horrible.” Another star of the show, Jennifer Beals (Zoe Landau) shared her thoughts on the matter by saying: “It would be terrible to do something and have it not be good. It was so terrific … If we did a Lie to Me movie and it sucked, then it would, you know, blemish it.” One more cast member that had something to say on the topic of the possible film was Brendan Hines. His words weren’t encouraging also: “I think it’s a bit of a case of ‘the book is better than the movie.”

Okay, so far not so good but let’s see what would it look like if we tried to push through the idea of a Lie to Me reboot? Hollywood has done tons of remakes of TV series and movies, and it is possible that there are studios that think of this idea as a good way to earn money and satisfy fans. And why not? It is a possible win-win situation. There are even producers who claim that a reboot of the story with a completely new set of characters might be a good idea.

If it was up to you to decide on this matter would you opt for a Lie to Me movie, a Lie to Me reunion and who would you cast in which role? Let us know in the comments section below.