LG V20: First Smartphone with Android Nougat?

LG V20

LG V20 smartphone will be the first phone with Android v7.0 Nougat to launch in September. The phone will have some of the features the V10 had, dual screens, dual front cameras etc. It is also equipped with 32 bit DAC Hi-Fi quality sound and a large resolution 2560×1440 display. More specs are rumored or not revealed yet.

By being the first smartphone with Android 7.0, LG’s V20 will release before Nexus phones which is unusual because Nexus phone almost always have the latest Android OS first.

LG V20 the new standard

According to LG, “The V20 will be a new standard for premium phones and will have more enhanced multimedia capabilities.” If this is true then LG’s V20 will be a successor to the V10, and the company will have a huge boost in their mobile division. LG hopes for the V20 to replace the G5 for their new flagship model, since the LG G5 was a disappointment for the company.

The company’s only misfortune is, the Galaxy Note 7 will be released in September and Apple will be rolling out the new iPhone and iPhone Plus.

If LG truly wants this to be a successful product, then they can’t get ahead of themselves, and look at the pros and cons of the V10 to make the V20. People have their hopes high for LG hopefully fixing the issues with the V10 the some people had. One main problem with the V10 is the software performance and inconvenience. It was poorly optimized, and had trouble with simple tasks.

However there are some good things about the V10 too. The phone had amazing durability, and had great features such as dual screens. LG is known for their cameras and the V10 was no exception, the V10 had many features included with the camera, and with high definition quality and easy video controls, the V10 had one of the most solid cameras.

Overall, LG is in a tight spot, and with many phones coming out in September, the company can only hope to have the V20 something special to avoid a complete mess. If LG can fix the issues the V10 had, and build upon the amazing features, then the V20 will be a phone with an unforgettable experience.