How to Become a Legal Translator for the Government


What is a legal translator?

The language used in legal processes is not like the language used in day to day lives. So it needs a particular type of translation so that ordinary people can understand the language of legality or law.

So, Legal translation is one type of translation used for legal purposes and in legal settings. So legal translators are not like any ordinary translator. They are the people who need specialization in law to translate standard lines into the lines general people can understand. So legal translation is to be done by specialized law translators.

Why is it essential to have legal translators?

Misunderstanding in a legal paper like a contract, property transfer papers, etc. can lead to both parties’ massive loss. The language of the law can not be understood by every person who does not know the rules and other information regarding those legal contracts of properties etc. So a legal translator can translate those contacts and other legal papers into easy language that will be understood by ordinary people. For more details contact Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services.

Because a small misunderstanding can result in unavoidable lawsuits, so legal translation should be done by law experts who can authentically translate texts and nan to inconvenience. Courts only rely on genuine readers and not on convenience translations to adjudicate rights and duties.

Qualifications for legal translators:

As mentioned above, legal translators can not be anyone. They should have specialization in law and any foreign language. So the first and foremost qualification you need to be a legal translator is a bachelor’s degree. You can learn any foreign language also. Learning a foreign language can increase your chance of employment because it widens your scope of work.

So if you want to settle down as a legal translator in Dubai, you should consider learning their foreign language and become a law expert by completing a bachelor’s degree in law stream.

If you are better at law, you can go abroad to universities to experience better exposure and scope. Legal translators do not have as much content in India as it is abroad.

Criteria to look for while choosing a university of law:

Law is a stream that needs confidence, intelligence, and the way to interpret, and most importantly, logic. So it is essential to choose the right university that can improve your sense of argument, understating, and observation capacities.

If your dream is to be a legal translator for the government, you should consider joining a good quality university with a good reputation.

Good reviews:

When choosing a university of law to have a bachelor’s degree, the first concern should be past reviews. The one-time study indicates how much students have liked the course and what it has offered them in the future. So researching the kind of reviews those universities get is essential before finalizing the university for yourself.


Law universities provide a lot of scholarships to students who excel in the field. If you want to grab those scholarships, you should check such universities that sponsor many scholarships to their students.

Students belonging to middle-class families or having financial issues need scholarships a lot. So this can be another criterion you should look for while choosing a university for your bachelor’s degree.

Learning New languages:

To become a legal translator for the government, it is essential to learn a new language. Learning new languages is no more a monumental task. You can either take up different language learning courses offline or online. But it is essential to choose the right course for yourself.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a language learning course:


Language is the outcome of vigorous practice. So to master a language to become a legal translator, you need daily practice. So choose a course, that will help your routine daily. Different applications help you in this; you can take up courses offline. But you must make sure that you practice daily.

Practice can be any of those four things needed to learn a language. It can be Speaking, writing, reading, or listening. Practicing daily will ensure your comfortable and fast learning of a new language.


Learning a new language should not be so expensive. So whenever you are looking for any language learning course, its cost should be in your mind. Before finalizing any course, research about different classes available online and offline. Compare the facilities and support each course offers you and accordingly choose the right course with less cost.

Online courses are generally much cheaper than offline courses. And keeping other facilities like comfortability and flexibility, online courses sound better than offline.

Choosing the right course is essential, but finding it cost-effectively is also necessary.

Salary of Government legal translator:


Of course, the range of salaries depends mostly upon the kind of experience you have. But when you are fresher, legal translators in Dubai like cities make almost $30,000 to $80,000 per year if you look at average. A legal translator for the government can expect to income $40,000 per year with less than five years of experience.

With increasing experience and legal translation expertise, the income also can go up to $100,000 per year.

Employment opportunities for legal translators:

The government needs legal translators in various fields. From legal papers of courts to contracts and property papers; everywhere, the government needs to appoint a legal translator who can translate those legal papers from one language to another or from technical terminology to simplified ones.

Apart from it, when a law is passed; ordinary people may not understand it. So the government needs a legal translator to translate that technically written law into a language that ordinary people will understand. This translation will help the general people to obey those laws as they can understand them.

There are various other aspects where the government needs to appoint legal translators. Keeping all this in mind, being a legal translator has a lot of opportunities to grab.

Books and study materials to become a legal translator:

Becoming a legal translator is not about enrolling in a course; it is about practicing and putting in efforts to become a legal translator. There are different books and study materials available online, which you can read and observe to improve your translation skills.

Choosing the right kind of materials to improve your skills is as essential as selecting the right course is.

Even if you are studying to become a legal translator for the government, you can check books like “how to succeed as a freelance translator”, ” Legal translation as a profession”, “Guide to freelance translation” and other books.

Apart from this, there are so many other materials available on the web which you can grab and read as many times as you want.

Advantages of becoming a legal translator:


This job of a legal translator is fascinating. You learn new languages; you know the most exciting steam that is the law. You have to translate different things, regulations, and orders every day. So your day will be further from the other. So this newness will bring excitement to your everyday life.

Easy promotion:

Unlike other jobs, legal translators have more straightforward promotion methods. It mainly depends on how many translations you are doing per day and its quality in terms of easy understanding of language. So legal translators who are working for the government get instant promotion.

Opportunity to communicate with people:

Becoming a legal translator means you get to know different people, different cultures, foreign languages every single day. So the opportunity increases for you to communicate with different kinds of people, hence it widens your knowledge horizon.

Learning is a continuous process. When you dream of becoming a legal translator, your learning will never end. You can learn every day some new things and get new perspectives on your work. So it will keep you going every day.

Disadvantages of becoming a legal translator:

Tight deadlines:

The main con of becoming a legal translator is that you have to face tight deadlines in your work. You have to submit your translated papers within a shorter deadline. So it may get hectic.

Can be stressful:

No matter what you do, stress can be a part of it. Although the job is quite exciting, the workload can make you stressed in real-time. If you are translating someone’s speech or any speaking activity, it can be more hectic and stressful at the same time.


Becoming a legal translator needs dedication towards the job. So if you dream of it, start it right now. If you are looking for the right time, it will never come until you start. The legal translator’s job has excellent opportunities and newness, excitement, opportunities, and everything you need to get job satisfaction. So a legal translator can be a smarter option when it comes to your career choice.