LeEco proudly aspires taking on technological giants in North America


A yet unfamiliar name in the electronic and communications industry is taking its chances in the North American market. LeEco is a Chinese technology firm based in Beijing. Not many of the American residents know about this company’s product line just yet. Walmart still is alien to its goods and Best Buy haven’t discovered it yet. But the Asian firm is quite hopeful and ambitious about its pursuit to take the world by storm and over take the technological giants which have come before it.

In a bizarre and inflated occasion, the company showcases its wide array of products and services. They are also proud and confident in saying that these products are equally equipped to compete with leading brands.

The EcoPass is a movie streaming service just like NetFlix. A music streaming service comes along with it and they call it LeMusic. These two services will be available on all their leading products.

There is indeed a wide variety of products from this unique Asian technology enterprise. It is quite obvious that their goal is to become a one-stop shop for all electronic gadgets. Apart from the software services, the company is also selling electronic devices. They also have their own brands for smartphones and even television sets. These are all displayed on their website, LeMail.com which offer daily flash sales.

But that’s not all they’ve got. There’s more!

Who would have guessed that an electronic shop would have a mechanical bicycle in its inventory? Well, not this type of computer shop. Their bicycles are equipped with headlights, side markers and some digital enhancements like GPS, music player and a security system.

And what do you know? LeEco is not going behind on the electric vehicle. They have created the LeSee to contend for them in this battlefield. And guess what? They have included with it a ride-sharing service just like Uber.


The company exposed their cartel in superfluous event in San Francisco. Products were paraded on the catwalk and projected into a giant screen. Streaming live on YouTube with way over eight hundred people watching, the company had wowed several executives and product managers.

CEO Yueting Jia closed the ceremony boasting about LeEco’s electric vehicle. He said that he would have entered the stage riding on it if it had not been stuck in London for the alleged shooting of a new Transformer’s movie. Whether this story is true or not, this Chinese business is definitely confident about his success with this venture.

LeEco is indeed very serious about its plight to invade the North American market. However, extravagant advertising does not always guarantee success. Let us just wait until we get to see feedback from consumers after having tried some of their products.