At Least 8 People Fatally Shot In Dallas Suburb; Officer Kills Suspect

A police officer stands guard outside the scene of a mass shooting in Plano, Texas, on Sunday.

Start of the NFL season should be a joyful moment as you are getting a chance to see your favorite team in action and that is something you been waiting for few months to happen. People that have gathered in Plano, near Dallas, for a barbecue and later on to watch the game were not that lucky.

After a dispute seven people were shot and killed. A police officer arrived at the scene quickly and exchanged gunfire with the suspect and killed him also. That was the eighth and final victim of this unfortunate event.

According to police reports, two more people were wounded, but at this moment we don’t have information about their condition.

Neighbors that also reported the shooting said that people had gathered for an afternoon barbecue right before the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants match. Shooting started at about 8 p.m. local time, and all victims were reported to be adults.

According to The Dallas Morning News report officer that was close responded after he heard gunfire. Police spokesman David Tilley stated that the officer “made entry, and that’s when he observed several victims inside and then engaged the suspect.”

“We’re looking into a motive,” Tilley continued. He also stated that at this point they do not have any information about the relationship between the shooter and the victims.

Newspaper write up on this indicates that the violence was started as a result of a domestic dispute. Here is what one of the neighbors said. “A neighbor said a friend of one of the homeowners said the violence had been sparked by a domestic dispute. … The couple identified in public records as the homeowners sought a divorce in July.”

The police spokesman declined to comment if there were any calls in the past from this house. It was added that the shooting is quite unusual for Plano.

Morning News talked to Stacey Glover, one of the neighbors who confirmed that the bunch was quite happy, laughing and that the party started in the afternoon. In the report they added: “She heard shots about 8 p.m., opened her door and smelled gunpowder. When police arrived, she heard them yelling, ‘Hands up’ before more shots rang out.”