Leaked Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Band 2 Renders Look Promising

Image source: microsoftinsider.es

The original Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Band did not draw considerable interest but the company is persevering. Leaked images indicate that Band 2 is much better looking compared to the first version. Spanish Website Microsoft Insider has released renders of the soon-to-be released gadget having the codename Envoy.

Microsoft is probably working round the clock on a successor to the Microsoft Band fitness wearable. The first images of the would-be device have been exposed to an eagerly expectant global audience. The second version is sleeker, superior in style and on the whole more wearable.

Though the leak lacks a reliable release date it is predicted that the band will be released this October. Microsoft may have the Band on sale in additional countries such as Germany, Spaion, Itay and France this time.

One of the complaints of the initial models was a lack of a curved screen. This has been addressed in the new version. Band 2 looks to have superior quality looks with chrome touches making the devices’ exterior look more attractive.

The first Microsoft Band had a flat completely straight display. The display has become curved in the second version. Two hardware buttons are placed on the side of the wearable. A side profile reveals the body is more ergonomic than the earlier version. A full shot shows some part of an oversized clasp where the earlier Band’s several sensors maybe retained. Hence the new band may not be very comfortable to put on when typing or doing other kind of desk work.

According to sources, the Band 2 will have many more sensors to add to existing lineup. These may include an altimeter to sense changes in height when ascending or descending from any place.
The Starbucks association will be retained from the earlier band. The wearers can pay for their coffee using the Band in Starbucks coffee outlets.

At the next Microsoft event scheduled on 6 October more details of the Band 2 are anticipated to be released.

Sources: betanews, microsoftinsider.es