Very famous wrestler and nearly as famous actor John Cena has his own auto show called Auto Geek. You found out about this from our former post when he talked about his 2006 Ford GT. As we previously wrote this show is very similar to Jay Leno’s Garage but with a lot less Denim and a whole lot of muscles. Besides Cena reviewing and talking about his cars, it is very interesting to see him trying to squeeze into some of these. He managed to fit in his Ford GT, and the question now is will he be able to fit into the Ferrari 360 Spider?

This one is actually Cena’s dream car from his teenage days. But there is something else that is significant here. Thanks to the latest supercars we see almost every day, it is good to reminiscent of a supercar icon that is now, sadly, almost totally forgotten. Back in the day, and even now, there are many out there who criticized its styling, but Cena is definitely not among those mainly because he said that this one “piece of art.” Most of those critics also contested the car’s reliability but to be honest when was a limited-production Italian sports car ever reliable? Does anyone know?

All criticism put aside, no one can say that the 360 Spider is not a graceful machine that boasts with very nice and high-revving V8 engine and the one that Cena has is particularly special. On his vehicle, this guy added the optional Daytona seats and the $2,000 shield badges for the fenders which don’t instantly scream guy with a load of cash but a man with a specific taste, which is to be admired. Cena used his time in front of the camera to talk about something that is easily overlooked, and it is the classic gated shifter which is rarely seen in a new Ferrari. Many of us appreciate and love the modern paddle-shift gearboxes, but if you want to be seen as a true petrol-head and a car enthusiasts than you should definitely be able to nail a precise 2-3 up-shift on a Ferrari gated manual.

This show almost ended like the bunch of similar others, where celebrities ended up talking about all the cars they have and caring more about the price of the care rather than what it actually represents. Cena turned his to the other direction, and it surely is a refreshment which is why we hope he will continue to do so in the future.

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