How Efficient Is Laser Cap Treatment for Hair loss


The laser cap was released for the first time in June 2011. It is a hand-held device that you can use when you are sitting or laying down in your house when wearing it on your head. Its efficiency rate has been shown to be equal to the effectiveness of taking finasteride orally and using minoxidil topically, but without any side effects.

If you take a look at the research studies done on the hair loss treatments available, laser pulsed light therapy has been used successfully by scientists in their experiments since the 1990s. This technique continues to improve over time as researchers discover more about how it works and how they can make sure its implementation is safe and effective for all people who suffer from hair loss issues. The results of such therapy on male and female pattern hair loss is not only seen in the improvement of the symptoms, but also in the transformation of certain cells that exist on the scalp. If you need to read up on more information on hair loss products check out

Not only can laser therapy treatments be used for hair growth stimulation, but other helpful benefits have been seen as well. One example is its usage as a treatment for hair loss caused by traction alopecia. This type of alopecia is generally found in people who wear tight braids or cornrows all throughout their day and continue to do so every day without letting up, even after causing significant damage to their hairline. The application of such light therapy stimulates new blood flow to those areas as well as increases the microcirculation present around those roots which results in healthier hair growth.

Another benefit is the stimulation of stem cells in both males and females, which can lead to healthier, more radiant skin that will keep you looking younger for longer.

The laser therapy uses minimal energy or light pulses applied to the treatment area. Even with its usage at extremely low doses over a long period of time, no negative side effects have been found or reported other than a mild heating sensation on the scalp that lasts only a few seconds during each session. The best part about it is that it requires little maintenance from one session to another until your desired results are achieved. All you have to do is schedule an appointment every 4-6 weeks until your hair loss issues are resolved so you can avoid going bald altogether!

When using laser therapy treatments, the light is absorbed by the melanin found in your hair follicles and then converted into heat energy. The heat that is produced by this conversion stimulates cell reproduction and metabolism. It also increases blood flow to the affected areas that can help with several other issues associated with alopecia such as inflammation and slows down cell death which is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

So why not try opting for laser cap treatment if you are looking for a safe way of restoring your health without having to go through any hassles? There are only positive outcomes you can receive from using it!

How Efficient Is Laser Cap Treatment for Hair Loss?

Does laser therapy actually work? Is it really effective in treating hair loss problems like female curly hair thinning and receding hairlines? Not many people know about this treatment method, but research scientists have found out that its efficiency rate is equal to the effectiveness of taking finasteride orally and using minoxidil topically! It has been proven so well that even TV shows are airing specials on how to use it properly…but will you let them take over your life with expensive treatments or remedies when there are so many other options available?

Here’s a quick overview of what kind of ground-breaking technology doctors are using today to treat your hair loss problems…

Laser cap treatment is a painless, in-office, FDA-approved procedure that consists of the patient wearing a specialized laser cap with small lasers in it. The lasers penetrate into areas on the scalp where hair follicles are located and create heat which stimulates blood flow in those parts. It also encourages cells to produce new proteins which result in healthier hair growth.

A study was published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine showing complete regrowth of hair within 6 months for people who underwent laser therapy treatments when compared to patients receiving either minoxidil or Propecia orally who only experienced partial regrowth! That’s not all…hair grew longer than the length of their previous hair growth, stronger, and had less shedding!

What can you expect from laser therapy?

You will be seeing results after your first treatment if your hair loss is not severe. Most people usually need between 8-10 sessions which take place every 4 weeks for optimal regrowth results. This can help with several alopecia related issues like inflammation, DHT production, and the slowing down of cell death within the affected follicles (the most common cause of baldness).

If you are thinking about trying laser therapy to treat your hair loss problem, make sure to ask your doctor if it is right for you! It has been proven time and again how effective it is in treating all sorts of hair problems; male pattern baldness, female thinning hair, and even alopecia areata. Many celebrities have been known to visit dermatologists for this treatment because it is so effective and has little to no side effects…don’t be left out!


Laser cap treatment is a very effective treatment that anyone could try out to start their regrowth. It is known to treat male pattern baldness, female curly thinning hair, and even alopecia areata! What more can you ask for? You see results after your first session if your issue is minor, but usually, it takes between 8-10 sessions for optimal results. Laser therapy is FDA approved so there are no side effects at all! We highly recommend that you try it if you are looking for an effective solution to your hair loss problems without having to spend too much. So all the best and we hope you achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of!