Land Rover from the movie Spectre will make you feel like a real villain!


During the plan and the shoot of the 24th James Bond movie the producers have commissioned Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations to supply them with not one but ten of these unique Defenders with crew-cab 110s in Santorini Black paint.

But that wasn’t enough for the producers. After the vehicles had arrived, they then shipped them off to Land Rover racing specialist Bowler which made them even bigger and badder than factory made. Bowler fitted these 10 monsters with 37-inch tires which are bolted directly to the bead-lock wheels, along with Bilstein rally dampers, engine upgrade from factory 120 HP to more fitting 185 HP, a full roll cage, Recaro racing bucket seats, harnesses, Warn winch, diamond-plated everything, and for some reason (that no one understands) that rope you see hanging from the hood.

What they have got is a Land Rover Defender that they named the SVX Concept. It actually looks great, and it will really make you feel like a real baddie no matter if it came from the movie or not. What is expected is that most of these 10 got destroyed during the filming, but the one you see in the pictures here remain intact and whole (thank God). What is even greater is the fact that this one survivor was actually used in only one drive-by footage. It was sold after the movie ended to a private buyer who is now remarkably selling it (without reserve) over the RM Sotheby’s on an auction that is taking place in London this September. All of you who are a true hardcore and diehard fans of the 007 franchise this is an opportunity that you can’t miss. Although the price has not been unveiled, we believe you will really have to have a deep pocket for this one. We do not recall that anyone got their hands on some of the famous movie props that cheap!

If you need some more convincing to buy this vehicle, here are some photos that are courtesy of Simon Clay for RM Sotheby’s that just might sway your decision the other side – the dark side. Enjoy!

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