Lamborghini Huracan with 830 HP and RWD by Novitec Torado

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NOVITEC based in Stetten, Germany is specialized tuning company for Italian sports cars. They very much take pride in the highest quality products, precision, and craftsmanship that they offer. Why am I writing about this?

Well for those of you daredevils who do not need the comfort of AWD and who take the Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 with RWD only as a joke, Novitec Torado is a company that can solve your problems.

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This tuning company recently unveiled their new customization project the LP580-2, which in every tuning company starts the same – with more POWER! As you may know, standard LP580-2 has naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 unit that outputs 571 HP. When you pair this, already a beast of an engine, with not one but two turbochargers you get mental 830 HP output which is 250 HP more than the regular version. That is practically another entry level race car. The Novitec Torado is keeping the info about the amount of torque to them self, but we presume it well exceed 540 Nm. The problem here might be the transmission, and it is a good question how much power and torque it can handle.

Now the customization would not be complete if you can not hear your product. To amplify what is already more than great exhaust sound Novitec will offer you its stainless steel or Inconel alloy sports exhaust system but with an option of a flap control. You can regulate the roar of this beast via the button that is placed into the cabin. So far everything is done under the hood, now comes the exterior to take a look at it. Novitec offers a full aero body kit with pronounced front and rear bumper, side skirts, and rear diffuser on this Lamborghini Huracan. Everything is made from carbon fiber to keep the weight of the car in check, even the spoiler that is offered in three types, from discrete lip to a dual blade one.

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All this would be nothing without new rims to complete the look of it. Novitec Torado offers three piece forged NL1 wheels that measure 20 inches up front (with 245/30 tires) and 21 inches at the back of it (with 325/25 tires) and specially made sport springs that additionally lower the car by 35 mm.