Lady Gaga Spotted in a Ford Bronco at a Tennessee Gig


One of the most famous pop stars, Lady Gaga, has been spotted in East Nashville in a Ford Bronco. She started “Dive Bar Tour” at The 5 Spot in this city in Tennessee on Wednesday night.

She was seen in front of the bar as she greeted the exciting fans who had come here to see Lady Gaga. However, this was not the first time she was seen around the bar. She had a private rehearsal a night before, and when the rumors started spreading that she was in Nashville, her fans started gathering at the venue.

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One of her fans, Randy Duncan said:”I followed her since day one, her first album. It would be awesome to see her and be up close and personal.”

However, he was not the only one that was thrilled to hear that she arrived here. Gandara Gallishaw also stated:”Gaga literally saved my life, just her music and what you stand for. It’d be great to be one of the first people to hear her new music.”

Lady Gaga will also perform at the NFL Super Bowl LI halftime show in Huston, which is the mutual honor, considering that even people who don’t watch football, tune it for the halftime show.

Her new album “Joanne” will be released on October 21. The album is named after Gaga’s father’s late sister.