Should LA Clippers Move On From Blake Griffin?


The Los Angeles Clippers have always been in the shadow of the Los Angeles Lakers. This is the franchise that never made it past the second round of the Playoffs, but the hope was born when they drafted Blake Griffin couple of years ago. Then Chris Paul made his way to LA as well. Things were looking bright.

The Clippers made it to the Conference Semifinal three times since Chris Paul came to town, but they were stopped there on all three occasions. There is no doubt about the fact that he did his job, while the others have slipped up in the past couple of years.

Sometimes it was Blake, sometimes it was Jordan, and then there were times when the bench was their main problem.

Blake Griffin is the guy that revitalized this franchise and is the reason why Chris Paul felt good staying with the Los Angeles Clippers. Should they really give up on the guy that made them relevant?

He is soon going to be a Free Agent, so if they really don’t think that he is going to stay, they should make a move. But, he is probably going to want to remain in LA. So no, they shouldn’t deal him.

They wouldn’t be able to get a lot in return for him, so it’s not worth it. Also, Chris Paul might decide to leave, and this could be the last shot for the Clippers to make something happen in the Western Conference. If they say bye bye to Griffin, it means that they are trying to rebuild the team and we already saw how long it takes for the Clippers to do that. They should stay put with him, wait for Blake to get back on the court and make a strong Playoff push.