Kyle Shanahan Might Be Taking Falcons Quarterback On His Way To 49ers


Atlanta Falcons‘ offense has been amazing all year long. In fact, they are the 4th highest scoring offense in the past decade in the NFL. They do have some great weapons on that team, but the reason that they were so dangerous was Kyle Shanahan’s play-calling and decision-making as the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons.

Now, he is on his way to the San Francisco 49ers as he is their next head coach. They picked him up before the Playoffs were even over, but had to wait for him to finish his tenure with the Falcons as they went on to play in the Super Bowl. Finally, his season is over and so is his time with the Falcons. He is on his way to San Francisco and will try to turn this franchise around.

He is maybe making his first move as a head coach of the Niners as there are reports of him bringing a quarterback with him to San Fran. Of course, we are not talking about Matt Ryan, but Matt Schaub, a guy that was once a starter for the Houston Texans and has even won some Playoff games as the signal-caller for the Texans.

According to one of the best NFL reporters Adam Schefter, Shanahan might be signing Schaub to either be his starter next season, maybe even backup or maybe even just a bridge between now and the time when Niners pick up a quarterback of the future. These two know each other very well, and Schaub has had a lot of time to buy into what Shanahan is trying to do on the offensive side of the ball. Matt Ryan has always been a good QB, but Shanahan took him to that next level. He might be able to do the same thing with Matt Schaub.