Kurt Angle To Wrestle In WWE?


The return of Kurt Angle to the WWE was something that every fan wanted to see. Finally, after being away from the company for over a decade, Angle is back where it all started. But, the WWE Universe wanted to see him in the ring. They did get to chant ‘you suck’ to him when his entrance music hit, but they wanted to do it while he is coming down the ramp in the wrestling gear, not in a suit that he wore at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Now, he is the general manager of Monday Night Raw, and he is going to be a comedy babyface GM that is going to entertain the fans for sure. Still, everybody wants to see him wrestle at least one more time in the World Wrestling Entertainment.

In an interview with WrestlingINC, newly inducted Hall of Famer talked about his return and possibly performing again. He does admit that things are a bit different now than they were when he had his first run with the company.


“Things are different today. I mean, I think that WWE runs a wholly, a completely different program. I like the fact that they are more of a PG show. I think it helps from being a publicly traded company to selling merchandise to children, to being family oriented, and I love the fact that they’ve really got their stuff together with the Wellness Policy, the dr*g policy. It’s a lot better atmosphere for the athletes and the WWE has been catering to the athletes in the past 10 years better than they ever did.”

When Kurt was asked about whether or not he will wrestle again, this guy stated that he is not really sure, but that he hopes that the company is going to trust him to do well in the ring. He mentioned that he has been clean for four years and that it takes time for everybody to earn the trust of someone. Right now, he feels like he is on that path.