Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles In The Main Event of Wrestlemania?

Source: prowrestling.wikia.com

Kurt Angle is back with the WWE. His return was a long time coming as he was one of those people that fans wanted back the most. Even though he is not wrestling right now, the fact that he is back in the organization is a great sign going forward. One day, the company might let him wrestle again. His words are that he is slowly but surely trying to earn the trust.

Angle has had an interview in which he talked about regretting leaving the WWE back in 2016 when he was pretty good and still on top of his game. We could also hear this guy talking about which wrestlers he would like or would have liked to be in the ring with. Here is what Raw GM said on that topic.

Daniel Bryan. I love his wrestling ability. I think that he is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I obviously wrestled AJ Styles, but never on the WWE platform, love to have the main event against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania.”

Source: allwrestlingsuperstars.com

That is a true dream match for every single smart mark wrestling fan. The die-hard fans would love to see this happen as these are two of the best in-ring workers that have ever wrestled for any company. They know each other very well, and the chemistry between these two in the ring would be amazing.

Right now, this is still just a dream match. But, who knows, this might happen down the road. It probably won’t be in the main event even if it somehow happens, but it would be cool to see this duel nonetheless.