Kurt Angle Has His Pick For The Greatest WWE Superstar Of All Time


Kurt Angle is a wrestling genius. He is an Olympic champion in amateur wrestling and has been one of the most entertaining and the most loved superstars of all time. Whether he was a heel or a face, Angle did his job for the company to the perfection. Hall Of Fame will get a new member in less than two months. That is Kurt Angle.

In a recent interview, Angle was asked about the biggest WWE superstars of all time and who in his opinion are the greatest of the greats.

“I would say, Austin, John Cena – he has been the staple of sports entertainment for the last 11 years. The incredible thing about John, John has never been known, personally for all of us, as a fighter. He’s not a guy who’s going to throw fists and mix it up. But what he has been able to endure for 12, 13 years. Nobody has ever done that.”


It’s clear that Angle appreciates Cena and his body of work. He is the one that Cena made his debut against, and he made him look pretty good in his first match. Since then, Cena has skyrocketed as the main man for the WWE.

“John Cena is the man. I don’t know anybody else who has gone 13 years on top. I’m not going to say he was the greatest athlete in WWE history, but he will go down as the greatest of all-time in WWE history. I would say Austin, Cena, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are my four picks to induct me into the Hall of Fame.”