Killjoys: Season 4 Renewed, Season 5 Will Be Final


Season 4 of Killjoys appeared to be solid, and not only have they renewed the show, but they also gave it a fifth season which will be its last. Somehow the series managed to get better each year, just when the audience thought it had reached it maximum. Season 3 achieved in widening the show scope, so it incorporated a better look at the RAC, the J sector, the approaching of the hostile alien force and the reasoning behind Quad politics. They managed to combine humor and action into one package, so it’s a good thing they renewed it.

During all seasons, Killjoys has maintained solid ratings, hitting over 625,000 viewers weekly, with a 0.17 share of the key 18-49 ages. This is in accordance with a lot of successful shows by Syfy. A good indication that the viewers loved the series was the fact that throughout the whole Season 3 the numbers held steady. The executive producer and showrunner Michelle Lovretta said in a recent interview: “Bless the fans for everything they’re doing.” She also added “Our numbers are going up every week, which is really, really hard in a season 3, so thank you. Keep that up!”


Friday night was shared between the Killjoys and Dark Matter, which was canceled today despite having similar ratings to Killjoys, and Wynonna Earp, which has been renewed for Season 3. Obviously, none of these shows were produced only by NBC Universal, which holds Syfy, so the renewal decision was probably made based on the differences in the cost of production or the thinnest ratings.

Although the reason remains unfamiliar, the renewal of Season 4 of Killjoys was warmly received, and adding the fifth and ultimate season makes sure that the show will get a proper ending, with a lot of episodes in between.