Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles – Backlash PPV Picks And Predictions


In quite possibly the match of the night, Kevin Owens is going to defend his title against AJ Styles. This is the first US Championship fight for AJ, and we think that these two could have one of the best duels of the year that we are going to see. The feud has been good, but will we see the belt switch hands?

Kevin Owens has returned to being his old self after losing the Universal Championship. The company is booking him as a badass that he used to be and it is working. The face of America is just a perfect gimmick for him right now. The fact of the matter is that he has already done a lot with the title, making it feel important and seem prestigious since this guy jumped ship to Smackdown Live.


On the other hand, we have a now clear-cut babyface in AJ Styles. This performance against Kevin Owens is going to help his stock as a face rise even more. We don’t expect him to win the title here, but he is not going to lose clean, which is going to gather him, even more, sympathy from the casual fans and elevate him as a face going forward.

The face of America has been great, and that is why we don’t see him losing here. AJ Styles, on the other hand, won’t be at the end of a clean loss that is for sure. Some heel tactics are going to do the job here, and Kevin Owens will win. He is going to be feuding with Jericho once he comes back, while Styles will likely challenge Orton for the title later in the year. This is a nice transitional feud for both of these guys, and we expect it to be a great battle on Sunday. Winner: Kevin Owens – heel tactics.