Kevin Hart to challenge Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s presidential run “out of spite”?!


Politics is sometimes personal and sometimes for the greater good of all but for Kevin his political engagement will be very personal. Apparently, he is also running for president in 2024, but he hilariously explained that he was eager to compete with his costar from Jumanji, Dwayne Johnson, for the White House position.

Co-anchor George Stephanopoulos asked Kevin on Good Morning America “I heard that if Dwayne Johnson runs for president, you’re going to challenge him?” Kevin comically answered “Just out of spite. I think he would look stupid in one of those president ties.” Kevin continued to explain that his run for the presidency will be a way to get revenge on his costar and friend because as Kevin said Dwayne actually “plays a lot.”

Kevin tried to explain one of the practical jokes “I don’t like insects. … We were in Hawaii in the jungle. They have these centipedes all over the place. We’re laying on the ground and he puts something in my ear and they were rolling … I’m like, ‘Centipede in my ear!” When it turned out that that bug in his ear was a fake spider Kevin went into all out panic mode!

This guy also made some jokes about Johnson’s presidential announcement. He was asked if he will support Dwayne in his presidential efforts and the answer famous actor gave was “You know what, because he didn’t make me the vice president, no I do not [support him]. I’m mad about it. I was shoo-in! The world wanted to see that and he didn’t go with me, so I’m not rooting for DJ.” Apparently, they were supposed to storm the White House together, but since Dwayne decided to cut him out, Kevin took the entire thing a little to personally and decided to deny Dwayne of his support. It will be an interesting battle, can’t wait to see that one out. How about you?