Kevin Hart Posts A Video To Instagram About Problems On Jumanji Set – Funny

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Big stars together on set and all of those with their big egos and diva attitude. Can it be any good? Well, you need to have a strong crew to pull something like this, and Kevin Hart addressed few problems they have on Jumanji set.

Production was shut down, and everything has stopped but the problem wasn’t the weather or the environment in which they are shooting this movie, it was something else. The problem occurred because Jack Black that simply needed to finish his rice. That was the main reason for them to stop filming, of course, Kevin Hart was just joking, something we can expect to see from him and this crew.

In an Instagram post regarding this video, he said: “Having a amazing time on set with Jack Black & @therock ….There is never a dull moment lmao!!!! P.S the bugs are whooping me & @karengillanofficial a**!!!!”

When Dwayne Johnson steps onto the scene, we can see Kevin Hart almost changing his color 😀 As soon as the Big Guy approaches and Kevin notices him he changes his story and is ready to continue with the work. It’s just funny to see these two working together again and as Kevin pointed out there is never a dull moment on the set.

It will be interesting to see what the future will bring for both Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart as they appeared in “Central Intelligence” together, and now Jumanji is in progress. Obviously, they are a good team and work well together so we can expect to see them more on future projects.

What do you think about Dwayne Johnson bringing Kevin Hart to Fast And Furious franchise? Would there be a place for these two to appear in one of the next FF sequels?


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