Kevin Hart challenged Beyonce and The Rock to make a $25.000 donation to Hurricane Harvey relief fund!


We all heard about the Hurricane Harvey and what it did these past days. This monstrosity brought unprecedented and catastrophic flooding in southeastern Texas which resulted in more than 13.000 rescues, displacement of more than 30.000 people, and inundated hundreds of thousands of homes. Since this is a time of need, many people, who are able to, answered the cry for help in any way that they could. Even famous people dug deep into their pockets and donated money to help the people of Texas in need. Kevin Hart made sure that there is no one ignoring this and he shared a video on his Instagram, over the weekend, where he challenged his famous friends and colleagues to donate no less than $25k to The American Red Cross.

His video begun with “Serious moment right now. I’ve just been caught up to speed with everything that’s going on in Houston with Hurricane Harvey, and this sh*t is unbelievable. I think we participate in a lot of challenges on the internet, some meaningful, some meaningless, but we’ve all done it. I’ve been a person who’s partaken in every one of them.” Since he mentioned challenges, it was easy to figure out his plan, and as he revealed seconds later “At this point I’m going to start a real challenge. I am challenging a lot of my celebrity friends to follow my lead and donate $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey, to The Red Cross, okay. At this point, it’s a serious matter. I think people are in bad shape and they need help. I’m going to lead the charge by stepping up in this way.”

To make this a real challenge he listed some of his famous friends names like “The Rock, Steve Harvey, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Jerry Seinfeld, and I think when you all do it, you should tag someone else. $25.000 is coming from me. Prayers go out to Houston.” After this Kevin signed off. It is truly sad that this is happening to Houston and we all hope it will end as soon as possible with as less discomfort as possible. We also believe that thanks to moves like Kevin’s all the problems will be solved little bit easier. Good to see that there are still good people around!

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