5 Kettle Grill Basics and Tips for First Time Users


Is there anything better than hosting a grill in the backyard? Everyone loves food, but nor everyone cooks. However, even those who do not handle themselves in the kitchen that well love to light up the old barbeque every once in a while and grill some juicy meat for themselves, the family and friends, and any other guests that may be coming. Organizing a barbeque is so much more than just eating tasty food that is easily prepared. It is about hanging out with those closest to you, having a laugh, sharing stories, all while the magnificent sounds of succulent meat is coming from the grill.

You Need a Grill to Grill


This is where we have to take a detour from this picture perfect moment that we know and love and talk about the grill itself. Without one, you cannot really grill anything. It is literally the name of the whole activity, as well as the tool you need in order to do it. Both a noun and a verb, it is a term that represents the importance of the tool for this occasion. So do you have the perfect model for your backyard? If not, do you know what that would even be? Worry not though as we have just the thing to resolve any issue you may have regarding this.

This article will help you answer all of the questions you have particularly about kettle grills and how to use them. Tips are something that first-time users need the most, but experienced grill masters may benefit from them too.  Keep reading to learn about the basics and tips for kettle grills, the go-to type most modern households now use. For more info about this grill model and reviews of some amazing models, make sure to check out https://indiancurryhouse.org/kugelgrill-test/.

What is a Kettle Grill?


You cannot use something and start to get good at it if you lack the basic knowledge of what it is. So what is a kettle grill and what makes it different to any other type out there? Kettle models are spherical charcoal grills that are named due to their round shape. Weber first pioneered it back in 1951 and they have had a special place among homeowners and meat lovers ever since. The basic parts of every model include a round lid, a steel cooking grate, and a charcoal firebox. There are vents underneath the charcoal box and in the lid. Over the decades, different inventors and manufacturers have been making additional changes to the original, but the core has always remained the same. All you need is some charcoal and charcoal fuel to make use of the shape and the grate, as well as the basic concept of cooking meat over a fire.

Basics and Tips

For some other guides the basics and the tips would be two different chapters, but not for kettle grills. This is mostly due to their simplicity and straightforwardness. There isn’t really anything big about them when tips are concerned, which leaves the basic approach to grilling on one as the only thing that you should be familiar with. Keep reading for the five most important things when operating this model.

1. Arranging the Charcoal


The most important thing, as well as the first thing you have to do once the grill is out, is to properly arrange the charcoal. You will want to get charcoal briquettes as they are the cleanest available solution as well as the best at keeping heat. Layer them around the bottom of the grill equally and make sure there is the same amount everywhere. Not doing this will give you colder sports on the grill where the meat will take longer to cook. Some people stack the charcoal in a pyramid, but sometimes it will not distribute well during the cooking process on its own. Make sure there is enough of it all around before proceeding further.

2. Wait for the Right Heat


A lot of people are impatient with their grills and charcoal while grilling because they are too hungry and too excited. Patience is key and you do not really have to wait for that long. If you place the meat too soon, it will take longer and not cook properly. After using the lighter fluid and a match to light a fire, allow it to burn and get hot enough. You will know when the briquettes are ready to cook your meat when there is white ash around the outer edges. Anything sooner and you will either be cooking on a very low temperature. You cannot get that tasty grilled meat flavor unless the temperature is right.

3. Cook the Meat Like a Pro

Do not let the wording of this subtitle discourage you if you do not consider yourself a pro. The first thing worth remembering is using some cooking spray, or better yet, some bacon, to grease the grate. Never put the meat onto a completely dry grate or else it may stick or burn the meat. Depending on how you like it, seared or tender/smoky, you should either put it over direct heat or away from the main heat source. The choice is yours, but it is essential to know this.

4. Regulating the Temperature


The vents will do this for you during the cooking process, but you may need to additionally regulate the temperature inside the grill. Open the top vents to allow more heat to escape. There will be spent charcoal falling in the ash catcher underneath, as well as some heat along with it, but the true control comes with opening the lid. If you enjoy preparing BBQ recipes, they will advise indirect cooking and lower heat, meaning the top vents should be left open during the whole session. For searing, you will need higher heat for the meat to sizzle properly. If you ever experience too much heat and your meat starts to overcook, open the lid quickly and take out some of the charcoal.