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About a month ago, Tokyo MX, AT-X, BS11 and some other Japanese television stations started broadcasting the TV series Keijo!!!!!!!!, created by the Xebec studio and directed by Hideya Takahashi. This Japanese sports manga series was licensed by FUNimation in North America, and you can watch it on their website or via Crunchyroll. Takao Kato is the author of the original script the anime is based on, while the composer was Hayato Matsuo.

A score of 7.23 out of 10 (based on more than 11,650 user votes) on MyAnimeList as well as a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars (based on 80 reviews and 90 user votes) on Crunchyroll indicate that the fans of this genre have responded well to this TV adaptation. Therefore, numerous followers of the series are full of anticipation of the new season for a reason, and, hopefully, the Xebec studio will make their wishes come true soon enough.

The very name of the series refers to sport, a women-only sport which becomes extremely popular in Japan. A Keijo match is held in a vast water-filled stadium with floating platforms where competitors, attractive young women, stand. The one who manages to push her rival into the water wins the match.

The protagonist of this story is a young and gifted gymnast, Nozomi Kaminashi, who makes a decision to become a Keijo player so as to make a living and provide for her family. However, such a solution comes at a price, for she has to give up on her dream and forget about competing in the Olympics. In spite of that, she keeps her word and enters the world of Keijo, which brings her new friends, as well as new opponents and challenges.

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Besides the promising statistics mentioned above, the increasing interest in sports anime in Japan also suggests that there is a great likelihood of Keijo!!!!!!! Season 2 taking place. The Xebec studio hasn’t made any announcements yet, but we will make sure you are the first in line to find out if something new comes up.


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