Your Complete Guide To Keeping A Scorpion – Free Home


Maintaining a clean house is already a difficult task, and infestations can make it even harder. Of all the insects that creep in, scorpions are challenging to get rid of.

These pests often find their way into homes and offices and should be removed at the earliest before they cause any damage.

Not all regions have a lot of scorpions, but in those areas where they are common, people must be cautious. Ignoring a pest issue can cause a lot of trouble. Here are a few ways that you can ensure a scorpion-free home or office.

Avoid cluttering

The first and easiest step that you can take is keeping your house clean on a regular basis. Notice if there is any cluttering in any corner.

The sides and corners are more important than the bigger spaces because that is where pests might be hiding. Dry and isolated areas are their target spaces.

Make sure you don’t keep piles of clothes, or other belongings piled up in certain spaces. These spaces make for the most accessible places for scorpions to hide. So, avoid any cluttering as much as you can.

Understand where they can be

Scorpions usually feed off smaller insects. You must carefully read up all about them to get a better understanding of how they function and where they can be hiding.

Crevices and corners, especially dry ones, attract most scorpions. It is because these spaces are usually crawling with small insects. That makes it the perfect place for the scorpions to hide in.

If you are cautious from beforehand and do something to get rid of the insects, it would mean fewer scorpions trying to enter that space. You take their food away, and they leave consequentially.

Lesser hiding spaces

For scorpions to crawl into, they need appropriate spaces inside and around your house. But if you manage to remove those target spaces only, there will be lesser chances of scorpions being able to successfully hide in your house.

Sooner or later, they will be visible, and you can remove them. They usually are found in wooden spaces. Any bricks or wooden furniture parts casually lying around can get you into more trouble than you know. Rocks and tree leaves along with barks too attract scorpions because, under these piles, there is no sunlight.

Scorpions don’t prefer the sun and try to find places where it does not reach. There is none better than piles of firewood or tree leaves. Make sure you locate such areas in your house and fix it as soon as possible. Clean these specific portions out.

Mow your lawn

The outside area of the house is as vital as the insides. People often neglect the garden or lawn areas, thinking that the scorpions cannot possibly enter your house through those. But that is not true at all. If you don’t keep the outsides of your house clean as well, scorpions can crawl inside.

You need to mow the lawn every week at least if you want to keep it free from scorpions. What mostly happens is that the shrubs and trees sometimes overgrow, making it difficult for you to spot any pests. These branches provide cover and shelter for the scorpions, without your knowledge.

Later on, it becomes very unsafe for kids to play in the garden because there will always be a chance of the scorpions stinging them. You surely would want to avoid such a risky situation. So, keep your trimmers ready, for whenever the garden is outgrowing.

Seal the entrances

Any pest would obviously enter your house through cracks and other entries. Cracks and holes can be dealt with later. What you primarily need to do is seal all the main entrances of your house.

Be it the front door, or even the attic space. Studies show, most of the houses facing a pest situation have had some faults in securing the doors and windows. This is a non-negotiable aspect while making your home scorpion-free. Small cracks can also become entry points, and you must not forget that.

You may use chalk or other products available in the market to seal off those. What you can do for your windows is put up see-through blinds that have small holes for air to pass in, but not big enough for scorpions.

Keep them away from the bed

A lot of people ask if scorpions can climb up beds with ease or not. The answer is subjective because it all depends on what kind of room you have or the height of your bed. There are some rooms that the scorpions will have zero access to because of sealants or other reasons. This question is not applicable to those homes.

However, those who have beds that lack a bit in height will have to take precautions to avoid any issues. If you have children, you must figure out a way to stop scorpions from climbing up on to the bed; otherwise, it can be a pretty scary situation to deal with.

There is no point in taking the risk of putting your children in danger under any circumstance. What you can do is keep all your blankets folded up on the bed. Make sure no sides of the blanket is hanging low enough to reach the floor.

Scorpions often climb up with the help of those. However, if there is nothing to aid their climb, they cannot reach the top of the bed. They certainly need a surface. This is why it is even safer not to let the bed sheet hang low as well. If you want to be careful with your kids, fold the sides up each morning after waking up and while going to sleep.

Seek the help of professionals

All the above tricks can help you keep scorpions at bay and protect your house.

But, these are only applicable if the situation is under control, and there aren’t too many scorpions.

In the case of multiple scorpions or other pests in the house, we suggest you call a professional pest control service to ensure not taking any chances.