9 Things You Can Do At Home To Keep Your Hearing Healthy


Are you always asking people to repeat what they just said? Are you having trouble hearing the television? Well, you are not alone. There are millions out there like you.

Our ears are one of your body’s most important organs that helps us hear and help maintain the body’s balance. It is natural to lose a sense of hearing over time. If you fall on the same list, you need to take a hearing aid from companies like hoortoestellen. These devices will help you greatly to hone your sense of hearing.

The field of audiology has made impressive progress. People can easily keep their hearing healthy by following a few strategies. Another great option is Blue Angels Hearing, as they provide high-quality and affordable hearing aids. Try them to keep professional intervention at bay. Some of the strategies are as follows:

1. Lower the Sound

WHO researched noise pollution, and the reports suggested that more than a million youngsters suffer from hearing problems. Such danger occurs because they use audio devices without protection.


Many people prefer to use headphones or earbuds when they listen to music. They should follow a golden rule of listening to music at sixty percent of the maximum volume.

It is a good idea to avoid using earbuds. They fit next to the eardrum and may damage it. So, people who are passionate about listening to music must switch to over-the-ear earphones. Also, while hosting a party, keep the music at a low volume. Prolonged exposure to high volumes can lead to severe hearing loss and necessitate the need for hearing aids. To find the right hearing aid for you, check out the everydayhealth.com review of the best hearing aids.

2. Give Rest To Ears

Many people need to attend concerts regularly where they are exposed to loud music. The ear tires easily of such loud music. The best remedy for these people is to step outdoors in the silent air as often as possible.

Research suggests that ears need sixteen hours of rest to recover from such loud music. It is important to give rest to ears, to protect them against long-lasting damage.

3. Keep The Ears Dry


You need to be alert while swimming. Extra moisture lets the bacteria enter the ear canal. If moisture enters the ears, it may lead to several infections that may hamper the ability to hear. It is important to towel-dry the ears after every bath or a swimming session. However, the towel drying sessions should be gentle and soothing.

Rough towel drying sessions can lead to severe injury. If you feel that water is entering your ears, you need to tilt their ear to the side. Then, you need to lightly tug the earlobe. This will allow the air to sweep out.

Also, a variety of earplugs are available for swimmers, preventing the water from seeping into the ears.

4. Keep Stress levels In Check

People who suffer from elevated stress levels often hear a constant ringing sound in their ears. This chronic sound is known as tinnitus. In any tense situation, the body prepares itself either to fight or to flight.

Both these reactions make the body pump adrenaline, which puts pressure on the ear’s nerves. It increases the body heat, and the blood flows faster. It impacts the ears, and tinnitus may damage the hearing level permanently.


5. Exercise Regularly

Various exercises activate the blood circulation in the ear. As a result, the inner portions of the ears remain healthy.

Also, remember that it is mandatory to wear a helmet while cycling at all times. Otherwise, if the rider falls and injures the head, it may result in a concussion and permanent deafness.

6. Wear Sound Cancelling Gears

Places such as clubs and discos have a loud volume of the music playing continuously. On top of that, people need to yell to convey their message to others. The sound pollution in such places is quite high and can easily puncture the eardrums. So, it is good to get a pair of earplugs, to protect the ears against sound.

The local hearing care center should be able to provide a pair of customized earplugs for these musicians. You can also use custom made earplugs that have special filters. Such earplugs help people to hear people’s words easily, even in places like discos and pubs. Also, they reduce the level of harmful sounds entering the ears.

7. Do Not Use Cotton Swabs


People often use these swabs to remove ear wax out of their ears. However, doctors point out that ears have the potential to clean themselves. The wax doesn’t allow harmful particles to enter the canal. So, cleaning the wax can only pave the way for unwanted substances.

Also, people tend to use cotton swabs a bit too roughly. As a result, they may end up rupturing the eardrum. A solution to remove earwax is a worthy replacement of a cotton swab. It softens the wax and lets it flow out slowly.

8. Take Only Prescribed Medications As Prescribed

Regular consumption of certain anti-inflammatory medicines leads to permanent hearing loss. So, it is a good idea to consult a licensed doctor before consuming any medicine. The doctor should also fix the right dose. Make sure to take only the prescribed dose and only for a limited amount of time. An overdose can easily lead to numerous side effects.

9. Get Regular Checkups Done


Most of us go in for regular health checkups. At that time, we need to ensure regular ear screenings are an integral part of our health checkups. Hearing loss takes place over time. So, the doctors should be able to diagnose it before the problem gets out of hand. It is a good idea to have an annual audio check-up done under the guidance of a specialist.


Certain damages can never be reversed. So, we need to take care of all our sense organs on a priority basis. Deafness may be either temporary or permanent. You can easily avoid the conditions leading to that by following the strategies mentioned in this article. As soon as you feel that something is wrong with your hearing ability, reach out to a doctor for immediate help.