Keep Your Cut Flowers Beautiful And Fresh


Maintaining your garden is a great hobby, as it promotes you being on fresh air and enjoying the stress-free activity of gardening. One of the most popular things to have in the garden is flower beds. And it no doubts why – flowers are beautiful and make your garden romantic and vivid.

Now, when it comes to garden apart from the regular flower beds, you can maintain the cut flowers as well. For those of you who didn’t hear, cut flowers are cut from the mother plant, and mostly used as home décor. Cut flowers are the ones you buy at flower shop when you want to surprise your partner, mother or a friend. Anyways, cut flowers do have a somewhat shorter lifespan than the flowering plant that is kept rooted in the soil, but there are few tips on how you can prolong that and keep your flowers healthy. Let’s take a look!

Tips On Maintaining A Healthy Cut Flower
  1. First and foremost, chances are you are going to keep your cut flowers in a vase – and it is smart to have a vase for every separate flower. Before filling it with water and putting your flower in it, it is crucial to clean and prepare the vase. Now, some might ask why is this that important? Well, if you don’t want fungi or bacteria to kill your flower in a matter of hours you shouldn’t skip this step.

2. Now, the most important part of keeping your cut flowers healthy is the water. Be sure to change the water on a regular basis, and when you fill the vase in assure that water isn’t cold but has mild/to slightly hot temperature. Along with that, never use softened water as the sodium can harm your cut flowers.

  1. Of course, preparing the flowers is one of the most important things. First, cut the few cms (3-5) of your stem under the angle. Be sure to do this under the water or while the water is running as this way you will prevent any air that might enter the stem. Along with that, it is pretty important that you remove any leaves that might be covered by water – this will prolong the lifespan of your flower.

4. Unlike what some might think cut flowers do not enjoy hot temperatures. Don’t think about putting your vases near the heating source, or in a sunny place. Cut flowers mostly thrive in cool rooms with mild light!

  1. And, last but not least the thing people tend to forget A LOT is the fact that even cut flowers still need nutrients although they are removed from the root system. Thus it is important to know how to prepare a vase solution in order that the water flow is important and your cut flowers get nourished. According to certain articles, lemon-lime soda is one of the best vase solutions there is – mix 1 part soda and 3 parts water and get your results (it balances the acid – sugar levels). Don’t forget if you don’t want to experiment with homemade solutions you can always go to a flower shop and buy a cut flowers preservative.


Cut flowers can really make your home thrive – these are a great room décor, and suitable for any purpose. In order that your flowers stay there as long as possible follow the tips mentioned above, and you will have long-lasting and healthy plants to enjoy looking at an everyday basis!