Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Preseason Week 2 Predictions

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The Kansas City Chiefs are still one of the best teams in the AFC. They are gearing up for another run at the Super Bowl, but they still have a lot to work on. The Patriots are still the team to beat, the team that has handled them in the past. That road starts with them trying to figure out what kind of a squad they want to be and what they want to achieve on the football field.

Patrick Mahomes II looked good in his first preseason game. He is the complete opposite of what they now have with Alex Smtih. While their current starter is not going to take a lot of chances and is pretty conservative, Mahomes is just the guy that is going to fling that football, chase those Touchdowns and big plays. It is just the kind of player that he is. If things don’t go well for the Chiefs, they won’t be afraid of putting a guy like that in the game. They would have nothing to lose.

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Speaking of the quarterback situation, the Bengals might be having one as well. They have had some offers for their backup quarterback AJ McCarron, but they rejected them for a reason. Even though Andy Dalton has really done nothing wrong, there are questions about whether or not he is the guy to lead this team going forward.

Bengals have missed the Playoffs last year which didn’t happen in a long time, and AJ McCarron might be the player they turn to if they keep underachieving. This matchup is going to be all about these two backup quarterbacks. McCarron vs. Mahomes.

It is going to be an interesting game to watch, with the Chiefs coming out on top 27:24. Definitely an important duel for the signal callers, but we think both of them will step up and make the most out of their opportunity.