JR Speaks On How He Would Book Taker vs. Reigns

Photo Credit: AXS TV

Jim Ross is one of the greatest commentators ever in the WWE. After leaving the company, he has found success in other independent promotions while being one of the most knowledgeable people about wrestling today. He was the voice of the organization for more than 15 years, and this man has been a part of almost all events during their brightest and darkest moments.

That is why he recognizes that the company is in a tough situation here with Roman Reigns and that they need to do everything in their power to advance his character and put him back on the right track. He obviously knows that Reigns project as a babyface was a failure, at least it is so far.

Source; allwrestlingnews.com

Jim was talking about this match and mentioned that it is really not about The Undertaker and what he does in the ring, but it is how can he impact the character of Roman Reigns. Many people believe that with the kind of reaction that he’s been getting from the crowd, Vince and the creative team has no other options but to turn him heel. Here is what JR thinks about that.

“Been asked frequently what I’d do for the finish of the Wrestlemania, Reigns vs. Undertaker match and there are multiple ways to do this effectively. The bottom line is that coming out of the match that Roman Reigns has to be the priority so either Reigns shockingly wins via cheating after a seemingly, rugged babyface match goes away would work for me as would Reigns losing a close one and then leaving the Undertaker laying in his yard. This match is not really about Taker but about how the Undertaker persona can advance Reigns.”