John Cena Was Worried About The Proposal At Wrestlemania


In one of the signature moments of the Wrestlemania 33, John Cena proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Nikki Bella after their mixed tag team match against The Miz and Maryse. Even though the smarter option here was for them to put over Maryse and The A-lister, they couldn’t do that since they needed to win so Cena could make his proposal. Many people thought that John would do that at the grandest stage of them all. Those people were proven right at the end of the match.

Although this for sure was one of the favorite moments in his career, Cena did admit that he was pretty afraid and scared before he decided to pull the trigger on the proposal. Here is what he said about the segment and how he felt just moments before he gave a ring to Nikki.

“That was the most nervous I have ever been in my entire life and not only was I worried about her response but I was worried about the reaction of the 75,000 people at the Camping World Stadium. I didn’t know that they would react in such a positive way, and I’m forever indebted to our fans for being able to allow me to celebrate the greatest moment in my life.”

Although it is natural for anyone to cheer when something like this happens, there are a lot of people out there that don’t like John Cena’s character in the WWE or even don’t like him as a person at all. He does admit that he was afraid of the fans reaction since there is a portion of them that don’t like him. This guy also added that when you are genuine in what you do, you do take that genuine risk, you roll with it and see what happens. Fortunately for him, it all went well.