John Cena set to return to SmackDown Live on July 4th!


As it appears Cena is making his comeback to WWE and where better than on SmackDown Live which is just a shy short of one month. This great news was announced, if you didn’t catch it, on Tuesday’s edition of SmackDown Live.

This move by WWE might be brought because there is an already decreasing weekly audience and because this night might be pretty rough for them as the holidays are here in the United States and they will very likely take a huge chunk away from what audience is left. The return of Cena is pretty well timed and certainly strategically placed. The details of his engagement aren’t public yet, but it is widely presumed Cena will feud with Jinder Mahal over the WWE Title, and eventually win the belt to break Ric Flair’s record for World Titles and be the American hero that brought down the evil foreigner.


This, of course, will be a huge selling point for the WWE. The event in which Cena will take the belt from Jinder Mahal and try to break Ric Flair’s record that he currently shares, this will definitely be the can’t-miss opportunity for most fans. That is the sure way to return a huge part of your audience, even more, when you give them the chance to witness a history being made.

On the other hand, it’s also the moment every promoter in the world would kill for. The one thing that is definitely inevitable is that Cena will break Flair’s record. It is happening, and it is only a matter of time. The risk here is that the rating will not be raised with that event. If the WWE rating doesn’t go up or even stay the same while Cena is in the ring than the organization might finally admit that they have a major problem.


This is the make it or break it moment for Vince McMahon. Will he manage to pick up the ratings or will he tell himself that the idea to run this match and angle on July 4 was a good idea? The July 4th is D-day for WWE and the possibility of Cena taking on Mahal, could either be company’s home run, or its ultimate strikeout.